5 Reasons To Travel To Australia

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By Luciana Oliveira

Matt and Emma, renowned travel bloggers told us their stories of travelling to Australia for our blog. Enjoy reading:

Take a rucksack, travel to the other side of the planet, leave your routine and discover the world… It is what everyone dreams, don’t you think? If you have ever thought about it and that you can’t pick a destination, Australia is the place to be to travel and try the “backpacking adventure” and visit the relaxing wineries in Swan Valley. Far from being just a holiday, our road-trip in Australia has been a life lesson.  

Hard to sum up this incredible one-year experience with your Australia visa in a few lines, so here are the Top 5 reasons to travel to Australia.


When we arrived in Perth, we were lost. New accent, new time zone, new climate, new mentality and especially for us, a new way to travel. So, when we were 20,000 km from home, after almost 30h in the air, we only had one option: learn and enjoy this new way of life. We also had to say good bye to our daily shower, our fridge, our phone signal, our electricity and our access to unlimited water!

Going from dream to reality was for us the first step of this trip. Yes, it was hard not to be scared. Because before leaving, we knew what we were leaving, but we needed know what to expect.

That is the start of the adventure, and it will be a long road! 


We have spent the first six months of our road-trip in a small Van, a Nissan older than us. Then, the following six months driving our 4×4 Holden Jackaroo. Living in our vehicle has been the best discovery during this trip. It has been an amazing way to understand the size of the country and to (re)discover simple life’s pleasure.

Always being on the road allowed us to enjoy the landscape every second, while watching the kangaroos, koalas, lizards and some funny birds around. We were “wild camping”, sometimes suffocating because of the heat, sometimes having to warm up around the fire. Without forgetting the joy to fall asleep looking at the milky way and waking up with ray of sun on our face.


Surprising would be the best adjective to describe the Australian wildlife. Or maybe: incredible? Fascinating? Amazing? Down there, you will be more likely to meet a kangaroo than a stray cat. At first, it can be surprising but then you get used to it, we started to find strange not to see our little kangaroo daily.

Evidently, we have met some other superb species: koalas, quokkas, wombats, dingo, possums, cockatoos, kookaburras, echidnas, snakes, emus, giant bats, crocodiles, whales, dolphins, turtles, rays, sea lions… The list can be long because the wild animals are everywhere, sometimes even coming very close to you! We will never forget that dingo that one evening ate our dinner.  


Hi! How are you doing?”. In shops, on the road, in the free camps, while walking, while biking… anyway, anywhere we would go, Australian are smiling and will say “hello” the same way.

Apart from this detail, we have always learned from each encounter: humanly, culturally and even manually (DIY, gardening, mechanic, cooking…). As soon as we were fiddling with our car, we were guaranteed that someone will come and offer their help. When we were asking for our way on route, they were ready to take us there. While walking, some people would stop to tell us on which spot not to miss. Anyway, we have found Australian very friendly, generous and caring. 

Our more inspiring encounter was Louise, a local friendly single mom that we met randomly while doing the washing up on a carpark near Adélaide. We were talking and she invited us to wash our clothes and have a shower at hers. In exchange, we’ve listened to her life stories. We left with arms full of clean clothes, but also cool drinks, scubas, a slice of cake and an adorable koala bear (teddy bear). What a joy to meet such a nice person on our way! We hope that each and every one of you will one day meet “a Louise”. 


From all the treasures we’ve found from this trip, there was Time. Time to think, time to live, time to enjoy, time to change the world. Those precious moments have allowed us to feel free a little more each day. Without the constraint of a normal daily routine, we had the opportunity to only do what we wanted to do.

This new way of life has opened our mind, on the world around us as well as on our own selves. We came back from this trip with the understanding that the world was huge, that the possibilities were endless and that from now on we could get out of the box without fears.

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