5 Easy Hot Snack Recipies for Student Parties

5 Easy Recipes for Hot snacks for Student Party / 5 Easy Hot Snack Recipies for Student Parties

Throwing a party? Having difficulties coming with a snack menu for your guests? Understandable, all of us had problems when it was needed the most to come up with something cheap, easy, healthy and refined.

«Lets order a pizza!»

Typical solution students tend to have when a party is planned. Ordering a pizza is easy and convenient. And pizza along with fast food can be undoubtedly tasty. However, you need to consider the health benefit you get from it, or lack thereof, rather. Prolonged snacking on fast food tends to affect your health, body, and soul negatively. You don’t want those love handles on your sides, don’t you?

On top of that, it could also end up being costly, not nutritional enough and simply will prove to your friends that you’re not a great host.

In this article, I’ll be providing some kitchen room ideas and laying down a few snack recipes even the laziest host can prepare in a presentable manner.

5 Easy Hot Snack Recipies for Student Parties

What is essential for a party?
Student lifestyle is very abrupt and hectic and does not offer many opportunities for sufficient nutrition. But when you do know you’ll get the chance to spend some time preparing meals for yourself and your friends, there’s no excuse to skimp out.

Going back to the theme of ordering food of prepacked and ready-made varieties. You’ll simply walk away from this entire party experience with nothing new regarding cooking. If these sorts of parties are something you intend to do more in the future, you might as well get some initial practice.

I assure you, it takes practically nothing to prepare a snack for your guests. You don’t need to be an experienced cook or Gordon Ramsey to prepare these. You need to start work on your party a few days in advance, though; to prevent yourself from unforeseen consequences, like those students who have to buy essays to get their assignments done quickly.

Coming up with the right choice of food

A few related things to estimate for the scope of the party and to get meal ideas:

  • Figure out how many people you’re inviting over. Common sense would suggest keeping the number manageable. If you intend to go all out with 40 and above guests, you’ve got plenty of work to do.

  • Decide when (as in time of day) you want to throw the party since it will directly influence your meal choices. You wouldn’t be serving light snacks in place of a full dinner, would you?

  • Set your budget. Affordability is key, and buying in bulk is usually cheaper.

  • What kind of a party is it? Will your guests be stationary (sitting, standing) or will they be moving around? Smaller snacks are a better fit for a more active party.

  • What’s the occasion? Celebrating the end of a semester? Someone’s birthday? Halloween, Thanksgiving or a different holiday? Time of year is critical.

  • Make sure you have enough kitchen accessories and dishes to accommodate your pool of guests. Oven is a must-have for this list.

Tips for food preparation

  • Food will be faster to cook if you cut your ingredients into small slices and lay them out in thin layers.

  • Use kitchen appliances like mixers, blenders and others if you have the opportunity. Those will save you a lot of time.

The main criteria for this list are ease of preparation, affordability, nutritional value, taste and a modest time commitment. Oh, and yes – variety!

Since we have a ton criteria to process, these dishes should be universal and be enough for the average party goer.

It was hard to limit the choice to only five recipes since there are so many options for good party food.

So now, without further ado, five easy snack recipes.

1) Cheese Croquettes

Croquettes are a simple bite-sized snack.


Bread — 300g, or more depending on the number of your guests. Plain bread works best.

One cup of milk.
Two eggs.
100g of cheese.

Optional spices: salt, cinnamon or dill/fennel.

Frying oil.


Bowl, whisk, fryer, cheese grater, plates, and napkins.


  • Cut your bread into cubes.

  • Put those cubes in a bowl and pour in milk. Leave it like that for about 10-15 minutes to soak.

  • Add in one egg and start whisking.

  • Put your cheese on the cheese grater, then add salt/cinnamon and mix properly.

  • Make balls out of the mixture.

  • Scramble the other egg and add greens to it.

  • Soak cheese balls in the egg.

  • Fry cheese balls in oil until a golden crust appears.

  • Put them on napkins to get rid of excess oil and give them ample time to cool off.


2) Hot Sandwiches

A classic one, the most versatile dish that doesn’t even require a fork or a plate.
Sandwiches come in many forms and varieties — grilled, stuffed, multi-layered, the creativity with these can be endless. And they’re a perfect way to combat hunger cravings.
Making a sandwich is not rocket science, you’ll figure out proper dosages of your ingredients on the fly.


Bread — your options are plentiful here, but I suggest you go for the usual toast.

Your favorite cheese — It may be cheddar, brie, feta. Also no limit here.

Meat — Pepperoni, roasted chicken slices, ham or bacon, sausages.

Softened butter.

Optional greens or spices.


  • Preheat your oven to 200 °C/395 °F.

  • Assemble your sandwich, apply butter on the outer sides of your bread.

  • Put your sandwiches on the tray and bake for 3-4 minutes.

  • Take out the tray and flip your sandwiches on the other side.

  • Repeat the same with another side

Serve after done.

That’s it, easy. All it required was a couple of ingredients and 15 minutes of time.


3) Pancakes
Pancakes can be thought of as breakfast food, but their application extends far beyond that. For a serving of 20 pancakes you’ll need:


Bowl, whisk, plates, spatula.


175-200g of flour.

3-4 eggs.

450-550 ml of milk.

Baking powder.

1,5-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.


  • Put the ingredients into a bowl and whisk thoroughly to make the batter.

  • Preheat the pan until drops of water can sizzle quickly.

  • Apply a small coat of oil on the pan.

  • Pour batter into the pan, fry until the edge gets dry.

  • Do the same with the other side until the pancake is fully ready.

  • Serve on plates with maple syrup or your topping of choice (jam, yogurt, etc.)

4) Potato Wedges

Spuds are an amazing and versatile vegetable.


Potatoes, cut into wedges.

One tablespoon of vegetable oil
One tablespoon of lemon juice.
Salt and pepper for spices.


  • Preheat the over to 200 °C/395 °F.

  • Coat wedges in oil and lemon juice.

  • Put potatoes on the tray.

  • Bake for 20 minutes.

  • Serve with dip or cold cuts.

5) Peanut Butter Cookies

Cookies are great, and so is peanut butter.


One cup of peanut butter.

One cup of white and brown sugar.

Two eggs.
One teaspoon of baking powder.
One teaspoon of vanilla.
Two cups of flour.


  • Add eggs one by one into the bowl, beating the thoroughly.

  • Add in baking powder, vanilla, and flour.

  • Roll the mixture into balls, then flatten them on a plate or a sheet.

  • Put them on a tray with an ungreased parchment/sheet at 175 °C/350 °F for 8 or so minutes.


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