4 Simple Interior Design Changes with Big Impacts

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By Luciana Oliveira

Money is tight but our tastes are constantly changing. We’re showing four simple interior design changes that don’t require an entire renovation, or even a lick of paint, to pull off.

Adding texture


This is one of those ideas that will have a big impact, but if you’re new to the room you need to give it a moment to sink in. Your eye might not see right away what impact it has, but the eye has a lot more to settle on and your home will have a feel to it. It’s also the thing everyone forgets about renovating a room.

A mixture of materials with different textures can really elevate a room into a home. Play with different fabrics, wool, pottery, wicker, rattan, leather, and try incorporate texture into your room.

Natural lighting

There is really nothing that can be matched quite like natural light. If you can get decent natural light into your home, it will look brighter, it will look bigger, it will even lift your mood.

Take advantage of any large windows with mesh curtains and learn to angle your furniture so you can better use the light in the room. You can add mirrors to your home to let the light bounce around the room, install glass doors to let the light travel with doorways.co.uk and paint your home pastels and whites to really get the most out of your natural light.

An elaborate lighting fixture

Speaking of lighting, if natural light isn’t really an option for you, for instance, if you live in the UK, there are a lot of things you can do with your lighting that give a lot of impact. The biggest trend right now is layered lighting, which is useful, as it can create a variety of moods with smaller installations. Plus, these lamps can be swapped out if you’re getting bored of them.

However, another option is a nice statement overhead light. We’re reaching for the word “chandelier” here, but there are a lot of modern equivalents that are a far cry from a chandelier. Nowadays, they come more industrial and often feature bare bulbs for a modern look. Whatever you go for, make it bold and commit for a big impact on the room.

A good clean

This one’s a given but so many people forget it. We all have a habit of putting so much effort into our new renovations, only to see it disappear under a layer of dust or all the washing. The best thing that your home needs that will make the biggest impact is regular upkeep. You might save yourself the cost of another renovation by discovering your lovely home under piles of clothes and boxes or anything else that clutters your home.

And clutter really is the key here. Your home isn’t going to look like a showroom forever – you need to live, after all – but a good declutter of anything that doesn’t belong can go a long way. It’s less to clean and will look better to the eye. So, that means a general mess, but also limiting the amount of small décor bits that you pick up over time.

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