15 Beautiful Victorian Baby Names that are Trending

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In recent months, new additions have been given old adages. From Princess Eugenie’s son August to Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred, and decades-old data shows they aren’t alone in picking a Victorian name. If you’re looking for some baby name inspiration for your new little one, here is a list of 15 beautiful Victorian baby names that are trending right now! 

15 Beautiful Victorian Baby Names that are Trending

Researchers from the family history platform, MyHeritage, have opened up their archives to find out the traditional baby names are surging in popularity. 

  • The most popular names when records began in 1780 were Mary, John, William and Elizabeth
  • Alfred, Bertie, Frank, Fred, Leonard, and Sidney all saw a 21st-century peak in 2012
  • Olive, Violet and Elsie have all reached or eclipsed their original Victorian-era peak in 2019
  • The most popular names of the 1950s and 60s are yet to see a resurgence, as almost all now sit lower than the top 500 in popularity. Exceptions being David, Michael and John.

Analysing almost 300 years of records, and matching it with recent baby name data, the researchers have tracked the top trending vintage names seeing a Victoriana revival. 

15 Beautiful Victorian Baby Names that are Trending for Girls and Boys

Name Rank (1880) Rank (2000) Rank (2019) Rank Change (2000-2019)
Bertie 46 1889 243 +1,646
Olive 83 1104 109 +995
Violet 68 656 51 +605
Agnes 25 998 414 +584
Mabel 30 656 98 +558
Wilfred 54 691 142 +549
Elsie 66 513 21 +492
Leonard 32 543 217 +326
Clara 19 310 91 +219
Sidney 28 381 206 +175
Beatrice 17 258 90 +168
Frank 19 255 158 +97
Alfred 12 139 97 +42
Henry 8 52 12 +40
Daisy 67 40 31 +9

Those seeking a timeless adage for their child have helped boost the popularity of Bertie, which is up 1,646 places in the rankings. As well as Olive, which has almost reached its 1800s peak once more after almost a century out of the top 100. 

Some names have eclipsed their original heyday. Violet and Elsie saw higher rankings in 2019 than they did 200 years ago. 

Names like Agnes, which peaked in 1910 but dropped out of the top 100 names in 1935, have started to make their way towards the top 100 again. 

For male names, 2012 was the peak year for a Victoriana revival. Alfred, Bertie, Frank, Fred, Leonard, and Sidney all reached their peak this year with babies born at the beginning of the 2010s given the names. 

When it comes to 20th-century names, Millennial classics like Thomas, Jack, Daniel, and James have remained popular, while female names such as Nicola, Claire, Lisa, and Gemma have fallen well out of the top 100.

None of the names during the baby boomer generation appears in the top fifty in recent years, as parents look even further to the past for inspiration.

If your name isn’t hitting its previous popularity, if previous trends come back around, then babies called Christine, Margaret and Mark could be a trend of the future.

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