90 Best Irish Baby Names for Girls and Boys (with meanings)

The Irish have been blessed with some of the most beautiful names in the world. Here are some of the top Irish girls’ names and top Irish boys’ names, that just happen to be some of our favorites. 

How to choose the perfect name for your baby? Once you find out that you’re pregnant, it’s one of the big decisions that takes up a lot of brain space over the next 9 months. There is lots to consider – do you want a popular name, a unique Irish name or something that’s a little easier to spell?

90 best Irish baby names for boys and girls, a list of unique names with meanings and Irish spellings

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Autumn Inspired Baby Names For Your Fall Born Baby

With September being the most popular month to give birth in, (count back 9 months and you’ll figure out why), we started looking at popular baby names for kids born during this time. 

We soon figured that autumnal baby names such as Willow, Woody and Sawyer are amongst the most popular for babies born in the fall. 

Autumn-inspired baby names have been on the rise for some time now, and this year they are set to be more popular than ever. We love the idea of parents choosing names based on the season their child was born. 

Autumn inspired baby names for boys and girls, plus unisex autumn baby names

Take a look at these ideas for baby name inspiration, and if you’re almost ready to choose then you don’t want to miss our Free “5 Simple Steps to Choosing a Baby Name” Workbook and Bonus Printables

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15 Beautiful Victorian Baby Names that are Trending

In recent months, new additions have been given old adages. From Princess Eugenie’s son August to Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred, and decades-old data shows they aren’t alone in picking a Victorian name. If you’re looking for some baby name inspiration for your new little one, here is a list of 15 beautiful Victorian baby names that are trending right now! 

15 Beautiful Victorian Baby Names that are Trending

Researchers from the family history platform, MyHeritage, have opened up their archives to find out the traditional baby names are surging in popularity. 

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