13 Best Mother’s Day Gifts Of All Time

It’s an absolute blessing to have a holiday or celebration dedicated to all the mothers in the world. After all, they’re the real MVPs.

Happy mother’s day! Beautiful young woman and her mother with flowers and gift box at home.

This coming Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show them how grateful and appreciative you are for their existence, biological or otherwise.   

With that in mind, why not make them feel extra special during their day? If you’re unsure how or where to start, this article features some of the best Mother’s Day gifts of all time.

These gifts can be perfect for your mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers, aunts, and other mothers you have in life.  

Happy Mothers Day! Children boy and girl congratulate smiling mother, hugs her and give her flowers bouquet of tulips during holiday celebration in kitchen at home
  1. Fresh Bouquet Of Flowers 

No one can go wrong with gifting your mums with a fresh bouquet. It’s simple yet thoughtful and heart-warming, especially if you got them their favourite blooms.

You can make it extra special by pulling off a surprise for them. For example, if your mum’s working, have the bouquet delivered in their office with an attached note containing your messages and an invitation for a restaurant date. 

Or perhaps, you can surprise her first thing in the morning by delivering the flowers to her bedroom when she wakes up. If you’re living long-distance with your mum, your surprise visit with a bouquet in your hand may complete her Mother’s Day.

  1. Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

If you want a wonderful gift that’s going to make your mum feel special, then consider getting a personalised photo gift.

Online services like PostSnap let you upload photos directly from your phone, to send as prints, photobooks, or personalised cards. Your mother will surely feel proud to display these photos in the living room.

  1. Neck Back Massager

Every hardworking mother deserves a regular body massage. However, they may not have the luxury of time to book appointments and travel to the spa centre.

Make it easier for them this Mother’s Day by gifting them their very own neck back massager. This way, she can use this every day after work or at night before going to bed. She can use this to massage her neck, shoulders, and back to relieve muscle tension and body pains. 

  1. Foot Spa Machine

Bring the spa experience to your mum by giving her a foot spa and massager. Some foot spa machines available in the market today feature steam and rolling massagers.

All she has to do is submerge her feet after a long day’s work and relax while the machine does the magic of massaging her feet.  

  1. Ergonomic Office Chair 

Is your mum working at home? Boost her work-at-home experience with an ergonomic office chair.

This could be an excellent Mother’s Day present, especially if you constantly hear her complain about neck and back pains when working at her home office.

Make sure to pick an adjustable office chair that promotes proper posture, has armrests, and has a supportive and customised back to help her prevent neck and back pains. 

  1. Weighted Blanket 

After a long day of working or doing household chores, your mum deserves the best sleep she can get. Help her sleep faster and better with a weighted blanket.

Go for a blanket made from soft organic cotton as it’s perfect for wrapping up, especially during chilly nights.  

  1. Polaroid Camera with Instant Printer 

For your sentimental mum, who loves taking photos on every occasion, she gets, you can give her a polaroid camera that features an instant photo printer.

This way, she can easily retrieve the photos and hang them on the fridge, put them on picture frames, or display them anywhere. Moreover, go for a tiny polaroid camera that can easily fit into her bag and allows her to take it with her anywhere. 

  1. Succulent Plants 

If your mum has always had a thing for plants but never had the time to tend them herself, you can help her achieve her dream garden by gifting her a garden of succulent plants.

These plants require less maintenance but can still bring freshness and beauty to any room.   

  1. Scented Terrarium Candles 

However, if your mum loves the idea of having plants in the house yet doesn’t have the green thumb and skill for it, perhaps you can surprise her with Terrarium candles.

This type of candle is inspired by terrarium, which means when it’s lit, it can emit scents of terrarium plants. You can either go for jasmine-scented or vanilla-scented cactus.


  1. Plant Lady Mug 

Meanwhile, if your mum has a green thumb and sometimes claims that she loves her houseplants like they’re her kids, perhaps this personalised mug is for her.

Preferably, go for a ceramic coffee mug that looks like a terra-cotta, then have it printed with the words’ Plant Lady’. She can then sip her morning coffee using this mug while looking at her plant babies.

Happy mother’s day! Child daughter is congratulating mom and giving her postcard. Mum and girl smiling and hugging. Family holiday and togetherness.

  1. Personalised Handwriting Bracelet 

No one knows your handwriting better than your mother, especially if she’s the one who taught you how to write during your childhood years. 

That said, one of the heart-warming gifts you can get her this Mother’s Day is a personalised handwritten bracelet.

This can be a statement piece that features your handwriting with your chosen messages. You can write ‘Best Mum’ and other heartfelt words or phrases she can wear daily.

  1. Customised Throw Pillow Cases 

You’ve probably gifted your mum with throw pillowcases in the past, but why not make it different this year by going for something customised?

You can have some throw pillowcases customised with the family’s children’s names, including yours or her grandkids’ names.

Now, she’ll get to be more sentimental as she remembers her family every time she lounges in the living room.  

  1. Mother’s Day Cutting Board 

For mothers who are heroes in the kitchen, you can give her a wooden cutting board. It’s up to you if you want to customise it and add her name or whatever you call her.

Or perhaps, if you’d like to add a catchphrase like ‘Everything tastes better when Mama cooks it’. By doing this, she’ll surely know that this cutting board is specially made for her.  

Wrapping Up 

Getting your mum a present this coming Mother’s Day can certainly make it more special and memorable for them.

When picking the perfect gift, it’s always best to put your mum in mind and think about what can make her the happiest. 

More so, this article has outlined some of the best gifts of all time. So, spoil your mum and tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are through your gifts. 

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