100 Family Adventures

100 Family Adventures is a great book to inspire a fun and active outdoors family life. It is written by the Meek family, and includes activities that they have tried and tested themselves with their two children age 8 and 10.

100 family adventures for the outdoorsThe book is grouped into themes: Woodland, Water, Close to Home, Hills and Mountains, Exploring, By the Sea, Extreme Weather and within each theme is a range of activities of varying difficulty.

The activities in this book are aimed at offering families ways to spend time together, away from screens, out in nature having their own adventures. Some of the suggestions may be a little daunting if you are new to this type of activity (like sub zero camping!) but there are plenty that anyone could easily do with very little planning or skill required – which definitely appeals to me. We love to spend family time outdoors but are not particularly skilled in hiking or skiing or other outdoor sports. The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to be – perhaps we can work our way up to these skills in the future!

Part of the aim of the book is to encourage families to push themselves out of their comfort zone, even if just a little. We will enjoy ticking off as many of the adventures from our to do list as we can.

As the Meeks say: “Adventure is out there – you just have to go and find it!”

The book includes tips for all of the activities, along with facts, jokes (which is a great touch), and beautiful imagery. All of the jokes are from the youngest daughter of the family, Ella aged 8 and they add a lovely sense of fun to the book. I re-used them on my boys and they enjoyed them.

100 family adventures

With summer approaching, this book is definitely worth getting hold of for some outdoor activity inspiration!

Here are just a few of the activities included. For more tips and details on each one, and to look through the whole list – look out for a copy of the book.


  • Bushcraft Survival Skills
  • Night Walk in a Forest
  • Slacklining
  • Cross a suspension bridge
  • Sleep by a lake
  • Stream Scrambling
  • Have a green day
  • Go behind a waterfall
  • Forage for food
  • Learn map reading skills
  • Sleep in an eco tent
  • Clean a beach
  • Crabbing
  • Walk a peninsula
  • Cook with snow

100 family adventures in the outdoors

100 FAMILY ADVENTURES by the Meek Family is published by Frances Lincoln and available for an RRP of £14.99. Click the link to see more or buy on Amazon (affiliate)

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  1. I love the idea of this book but are all the facts etc based on the UK. I am from Australia and am searching for a good book with some general ideas that could be used in any country.


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