Super Easy Car Chocolate Treats

T and I had fun making these super easy car chocolate treats for our Nick Jr Blaze party. They don’t require any cooking at all – simply construct them out of sweets. It is really manageable for young children to make independently and the finished results are so cute.

these chocolate car treats are so easy to make, no bake just put them together from sweets. Fun for children to make


Ingredients needed for chocolate car treats

  • Fun sized chocolate bars (we used milky way)
  • 1 tube of smarties
  • 1 bag of jelly babies
  • Icing in a squeezy tube (to use for glue)


How to make the chocolate car treats

Take your fun sized chocolate bar and squeeze two circles of icing onto each side. This is where you will add the wheels.

squeezing icing to make chocolate car treatsTake four smarties and stick them on for wheels. You could also use skittles, m&ms or small chocolate buttons for this if you prefer. T enjoyed picking out which colour smarties to use for each car.

IMG_5022Add another circle of icing onto the top to add a jelly baby driver. You will probably want to cut the bottom half off from each jelly baby to keep them a more manageable size.

jelly baby driver for chocolate car treats


Repeat the process for each fun sized bar, and you’re done! It is so easy, and fun for children to make.

IMG_5058T really enjoyed making these for his brothers and friends. They would work really well for any car themed party – and of course for our Blaze and the Monster Machines Party.

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Fun and easy to make car themed chocolate treats for kids


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