10 Best Movies For Travel Lovers That Will Inspire Your Wonderlust

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By Luciana Oliveira

Are you a hungry adventure seeker residing in Australia? Want to visualize your next adventure to ignite this hankering?

Seems like I have a solution to this. Regardless of whether you require a brief getaway from the daily grind or are seeking inspiration for your upcoming vacation, this assortment of the greatest travel movies ever will transport you on a global journey. 

The assortment has been carefully opted for movies available on US Netflix and Amazon only, but to watch US Netflix in Australia you will need a VPN. 

Relish this compilation, and be ready to add some stunning destinations to your travel wish list!

1) About Time:

Shot In England!

It’s among my all-time favorite travel films, but don’t let that influence you.

A youthful Englishman who realizes he can travel through Time utilizes this potential to romance the beloved of his life is the premise of this romantic comedy About Time.

The film, which is simultaneously heartwarming and entertaining, is shot in Cornwall and London, with some breathtaking views of the southern Cornish shoreline.

2) Lion

Shot In Australia and India!

 The movie is a depiction of a true story of a young boy Saroo, who is separated from his parents at the age of five.

After being fostered by an Australian pair, he ultimately returns back to India twenty-five years later to quest for his biological mother and other members of his family.

The movie has a fascinating plot and an impressive ensemble, which includes Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel. Besides, it features spectacular scenery from Victoria and Tasmania as well as Ganesh Talai and Kolkata in India.

3) Under the Tuscan Sun

Shot In Italy!

A frustrated American author decides to embark on a 10-day getaway to Tuscany amid dealing with a contentious divorce.

She acquired a villa on the spur of the moment while being in Italy and spends the majority of the movie refurbishing it.

In the course, she becomes acquainted with the locals and finds a partner.

You may not think that Under the Tuscan Sun is an Oscar-worthy movie, but it will surely make you yearn for a living in the Tuscan countryside’s rolling green hills.

4) Eat, Pray, Love

Shot In Italy, Indonesia, and India!

Perhaps, basic. But let’s admit it, this one is too beautiful to leave out. This movie is based on the writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s adventures described in her autobiography as she explores for herself amid a traumatic divorce.

Audiences of Eat, Pray, Love are taken thru the passionate and vibrant sidewalks of Rome and Naples in Italy, the frenetic yet contemplative districts of Delhi and Pataudi in India, and the tranquil, gorgeous island of Bali (Indonesia), making them yearn for a visit.

5) Midnight In Paris

Shot In France!

Alongside his fiancée, Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson depicts a novelist and screenwriter who is vacationing in Paris.

He journeys back in history to the 1920s while he is lonely in the city at nighttime and enters into contact with people like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

Midnight in Paris illustrates to spectators precisely how romantic and stunning the lights of the metropolis truly are.

6) Chef

Shot In the USA!

Chef Carl Casper, played by Jon Favreau, ditches his career as executive chef at a posh restaurant to create a food cart.

He explores gastronomic epicenters like Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, and Miami on his voyage around America to rekindle his passion for food.

The feel-good movie Chef perfectly embodies one of my favorite travel experiences: learning about a place’s essence through its distinct food and drink traditions.

7) The Motorcycle Diaries

Shot In Southern USA!

The majority of us today recognize Ernesto Guevara as the Argentine Marxist insurgent and military commander, Che Guevara.

This movie portrays a young Che when he and his closest mate Alberto Granado embark on a motorcycle adventure throughout South America.

The Motorcycle Diaries draws you along on their quest to learn further about themselves as well as the breathtaking, pristine scenery of a South American road trip.

8) Out Of Africa

Shot In Africa!

This 1985 magnum opus earned 7 Academy Awards. The Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya’s cinematography is remarkable still, albeit seeming a little out of date.

In the film Out of Africa, Meryl Streep portrays the main protagonist who journeys to Kenya to establish a coffee orchard.

The plot isn’t especially interesting, I’ll concede, but the panoramic vistas of The Mara’s savannah will still have you daydreaming about a safari trip to Kenya in no minute.

9) The Grand Budapest Hotel

Shot In Germany!

In the comic thriller The Grand Budapest Hotel, a receptionist who has been falsely charged with murder is pursued.

The Republic of Zubrowka, a fictitious nation, functions as the restaurant’s setting.

Even though the city of Prague provided the muse for Zubrowka, the movie was actually shot in Germany, as per director Wes Anderson.

A substantial percentage of the film was shot in Görlitz, a small German village that earned the EUFCN Location Award in 2017.

Wes Anderson pulls you into his narrative and exposes you to the majestic Grand Budapest Hotel with his distinctive and unique flair, making you wish for a Gorlitz getaway.

10) Hunt for Wilder people

Shot In New Zealand!

An unhappy adolescent teen and his foster father are on the road in the New Zealand bush when Hunt for the Wilder people chronicles their escapades.

You will be overwhelmed with laughter and a deep desire to trek Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges while watching this movie by the New Zealander director Taika Waititi, who also helmed Jojo Rabbit.

Where to Watch?

The adventure movies from the listing that can be accessed on Netflix are listed below, albeit their offerings are changing rapidly:

-About Time

-Eat, Pray, Sleep

– Midnight in Paris

Almost all of the other films on the list are available on Amazon Prime to watch with a nominal rental subscription price.

Summing It Up

This selection of our favorite travel movies was sincerely intended for your pleasure.

I’m confident that any film on this list will transport you to a faraway place and stimulate you to start thinking about your upcoming adventure, irrespective of whichever one you pick to see. For more travel related blogs visit: intheplayroom.co.uk

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