Yvolution Y Fliker Kids Scooter Review

Mr Z was so excited to get his new Yvolution Y Fliker kids scooter. We have had other scooters in the past but the Yvolution scooters immediately look different with their distinctive Y shape and he was really keen to have a go.

yvolution y fliker kids scooter air series for age 5+

Mr Z’s Yvolution Y Fliker is from the air series which is recommended for age 5+. Mr Z is 5 years old and the scooter is the perfect size for him so I would say the recommended ages definitely match up.

With a Y Fliker scooter, the child doesn’t have to kick the pavement – instead they move their hips from side to side and then use their own body force to keep the scooter propelling. Mr Z loves how quickly he can go on it, and he is always calling me to watch the great moves he has made up with his new scooter – twisting and turning as fast as he can.

yvolution y fliker kids scooter air series age 5+

It did not take him long at all to get the hang of the Yvolution Y Fliker, within a few minutes he had got the idea and was really enjoying the scooter. He seems to get a lot more fun out of it than from a conventional scooter, although he enjoys those too this will keep him entertained for far longer. We have a patio section in our back garden which has a fair amount of space for riding so he has been out playing with the scooter most days but it’s even more fun when out in the park or a wide open space with more room to ride.

yvolution y fliker scooter review

The scooter folds up easily and then takes up very little space, so we can easily fit it in the car boot for days out.

I would definitely recommend a Yvolution Y Fliker scooter for parents looking for a great toy to keep kids active over the summer. I’ve been so pleased to see how much Mr Z loves his and I can see it will definitely continue to get a lot more use. As he hadn’t tried one of these before, I did wonder whether it would be difficult for him to get to grips with the technique but it hasn’t been at all.

The Yvolution scooter is really solid and well made, you can tell it is good quality and not at all flimsy. Hopefully it will last well and once Mr Z grows out of it, I can pass it down to his little brothers. There are more advanced versions of the Yvolution Y fliker scooters available for age 7+ so Mr Z might move up to that in a couple of years.

yvolution y fliker kids scooter

The Yvolution Y Fliker is great exercise and loads of fun!  Take a look at this video to see the Yvolution Y Fliker in action:

The Yvolution scooters can be bought from Toys R Us or on the Yvolution website. The Y Fliker A1 scooter which Mr Z has is priced at £74.99 which I would say is good value for the amount of use that a child can get out of it. 

Has your child tried one of these? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!

*We were provided the Y Fliker for review but all opinions remain objective

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  1. I do love the look of these and think E would have a great time on one. I think they are great for the park etc. but it does frustrate me that there are a few children that take them to school and they can barely get past on the pavement without bumping into someone! Definitely fun where there is lots of space!
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    • Mine were actually all quite cautious with regular scooter initially, and it took them a while to get used to them but with this one Mr Z got used to it a lot quicker than with the normal ones!


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