Yo-Kai Watch Toy from Hasbro

My boys enjoy watching the Yo-Kai Watch show on Cartoon Network, and we have the Yo-Kai Watch game on Nintendo 3DS too, so they were keen to try out the new Yokai Watch toy from Hasbro.

The Hasbro Yo-Kai watch is a wearable electronic Yo-Kai watch which works alongside collectable medals to produce different sound effects and catch phrases, each relating to a different Yo-Kai character.


To use the Yo-Kai watch, you place each medal into the main body of the watch and push it in to activate the phrases. Two medals come included in the pack along with the watch, and you can buy more multipacks of medals separately.


Each medal has the Yo-Kai pictured on it, so it’s clear to recognise which Yo-Kai it will be without needing to read the names.


The medals are easy to place within the watch, but the only problem we found is that if children do accidentally put them in the wrong way around then it’s not easy to get them back out again!! This is an issue which I hope could be fixed in future, to make it so that the medals can’t go in if they are not put correctly, to save this problem from happening.


Apart from the issue which I just mentioned, my kids have enjoyed the Yo-Kai watch toy – especially my youngest who is 4 years old. The toy is a combination of a dress up role play item, since they can wear it, but also a collectable type toy as they can buy, collect and swap more medals to go along with it.


The watch fits easily onto my kids wrists (ages from 4,6 and 8) and stays on well while they wear it.

The Hasbro Yo-Kai Watch is available for around RRP 21.99 (click here to see on Amazon, currently reduced!) and blind bags of three medals are available for around 3.50 each

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