A Year of Firsts – The First Year of Parenting

Throughout life, we experience so many firsts – from the first year at school, first year at a new job, first year as a home owner, or the first year as parents. For me, the first year as a parent was definitely the most special ‘first’ – and as we’re getting ready for another year of firsts with our new baby due in December (our first girl), I’m looking back on our first year as parents.


In the summer of 2008 our first baby, Z, was born, transforming us from a young couple into a family, and catapulting us into a year of learning curves, and many special moments.

As with anything new, the first year of parenting was definitely more daunting than the 2nd and 3rd times around. It brought so many smaller firsts along with it – the first time we changed nappies, the first time we bathed a baby, the first time learning how to fit a car seat, and the first time learning how to manage a poorly baby – the first time they get a cough, cold or fever. Z got bronchiolitis in his first winter, and as a first time mum, of course I was really worried.

But with all of these first experiences, we gained in confidence as parents and gradually learned more and more as the year went on.

The first year also brought so many magical moments – the first smile, and first laugh. The first time taking Z to the park and putting him on the swings – which he loved!, the first tooth, the first Eid, the first time rolling over, sitting up, and learning to crawl and stand.

The first week that Z learned to crawl, he didn’t know how to go forwards and ended up crawling backwards and getting his legs stuck under the sofa! It was so cute.


At the end of the first special year, the 1st birthday is such a special milestone. It’s amazing how far you come as parents during that one first year, and how much your little baby develops in that time too!


This week, someone else is also celebrating their year of firsts: HomeServe are celebrating the 1st birthday of their blog, Ketchup. The Ketchup blog is so named because it’s something that every household has, is full of useful tips & tricks for your home, as well as gardening advice & family friendly activities.

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