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By Luciana Oliveira

As a typical Brazilian I am obsessed with music. Brazil is a musically rich country and this passion for music and dance start very early in our lives. I have very vivid memories of family gatherings full of music and dancing. Everything is an opportunity to celebrate with music and dance. Well since having my daughter and moving abroad I have to confess I didnt have much time to dedicate to listening to music I like or having anytime to dance. Since the first lockdown I was casually drawn to TikTok and a lot has changed. I found myself not only very entertained by other peoples videos but I decided to join in. I became a huge fan of the dances and challenges and slowly I realised I need to get some equipment to get me going. That’s when my search for a good pair of earbuds began and in this post I will talk a little bit about this amazing product I found.

I started getting a lot of views on my Tik Tok videos and I was getting really excited. Dancing really helped keeping me sane during the lockdowns. Dancing is like therapy for me and I was really enjoying myself. I remember using this absolutelly terrible pair of earphones in the beginning. They were bluetooth but had a wire connecting the two sides. It just didnt work for me at all. I couldn’t really move much with them. They gave me very little range of motion and would get tangled on everything especially my hair. I needed another pair. I did try another brand but this time completely wireless. The quality was absolutely terrible but I knewI needed to stick to the wireless option, but I need better quality ones.

I can’t explain my excitement when xFyro sent us a pair of their incredible xFyro ANC earphones, their first-ever AI-Powered true wireless earbuds. They are absolutely amazing! The earbuds feature cutting-edge wireless technology, an ergonomic fit, water resistance, oversized graphene drivers, and 100 hours of battery life.

The earbuds’ most advanced feature is its Transparency ANC Mode, which utilizes artificial intelligence to filter noises from the environment to the listener without interrupting their audio experience. How cool is that? So unique and I am in awe. These earbuds are perfect for my Tik Tok dances and the quality of the audio is so good. The groundbreaking ANC technology is the first of its kind and will be especially beneficial to listeners who live in urban areas or work in collaborative spaces. Listeners will be able to remain aware of critical noises like sirens, alarms, and car horns without any interruption to their music.

They will even be able to have conversations with others without pausing their audio. The xFyro AI uses its beamforming microphone to distinguish voices that are directed towards, passing them through to the ear, while blocking background voices as ambient noise. I also really struggled with calls. Having a child and being a stay at home mum I need my hands free. These work great for calls. The microphone is top quality and my friends finally stopped complaining about the quality of my calls. I can hear them completely clear and so can they. And the bluetooth range is insane. I can leave my phone in the kitchen and roam around the house without getting cut off. Bluetooth 5.0 provides top-quality wireless range and uninterrupted clarity for music and calls. This is the latest and most advanced wireless technology available in commercial headphones. Bluetooth 5.0 offers a wireless range of up to 30 feet as well as increased speed and bandwidth.


So if you are looking for the perfect pair of earbuds I can’t recommed xFyro ANC enough. Its compact, classy, discreet and very powerful. There are a lot of earbuds out there but do not be fooled. Give xFyro ANC a go and you will not be disappointed.

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