WWE Double Attack Total Control Take Down Play Set

The WWE Double Attack range from Mattel includes a variety of Double Attack figures, that are all compatible with the WWE Double Attack Total Control Take Down play set. This play set is a WWE ring where you can set up your own matches using your Double Attack figures.

WWE double attack toys

We were sent the set and a big show figure to try out. We already had the Ryeback WWE figure so I was sure that the boys would be keen to use this WWE ring to extend their play with this figure.

My children don’t watch WWE matches on the TV. They have never seen it, but that does not prevent them at all from enjoying these toys. They do enjoy making lots of battles with their figurines in their play so this set fits in really well with that, and grabbed their attention straight away. If you have a child who enjoys playing with action figures and making up stories or battles with them, then they would enjoy this set and I’m sure if you have a child that is a big WWE fan then they would definitely enjoy it too.

The total control take down set comes in a box with some minimal assembly needed, but this is a 5 minute job and very easy to do. All you need to do is apply the stickers to the ring, and pop a few pieces into place like the poles at the side of the ring, and the foot holders.

The total control take down set works best if you have at least 2 of the double attack figures to set up a fight. These are not included, so you will need to choose whichever figures you want and buy those separately.

Each figure slots into the foot holder in the middle of the ring and then you can control them by pulling back the blue or red handles on the side of the ring, which moves each character to throw punch or move their body to defend themselves.

IMG_8915This is pretty easy to operate and the boys really enjoyed battling their figures to see who would come out as the winner. We were playing with Big Show and Ryeback, and even though Big Show is the bigger figure and we thought he would win, Z managed to make Ryeback win more often.


After playing a few times, your child will pick up the techniques of how to move the figures in the best way to make them more likely to win.



You can also remove the figures from the foot holder and play freely with them in the take down ring. When you push the legs of the figures together, this control their upper body and makes them throw punches. Even without the ring, these figures are fun to play with. (As I mentioned, we had the Ryeback figure before and they had enjoyed playing with that as a standalone)



The WWE double attack figures are priced at around RRP 13.99 each and the total control take down playset is priced at around RRP 27.99. The range is recommended for ages 6+

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