World Book Day Secret Giver with Miles Kelly

As I’m sure you know if you have children in primary school, World Book Day is quickly approaching. To mark the occasion, Miles Kelly organised a World Book Day Secret Giver project, just like Secret Santa but with books! It was great fun to take part in this. We have some Miles Kelly books already and they have a lovely selection on their website so I was confident that we would be able to find something suitable for the child we been assigned.

world book day secret giver with Miles KellyFor my partner, I was assigned and chose the My First Question and Answer Book, seeing that Erica’s son H is a year old than Mr Z.

world book day my first question bookYou can see their World Book Day Secret Giver post here. I’m so happy H liked the book!

I don’t know who chose our book, but they definitely made a great choice. We were sent a Pirate Ship book which converts from a book, to a playmat, into a pirate ship that children can sit in and play. It’s such a cool idea and Mr R was so excited by it when it arrived. When Mr T got back from nursery he was just as excited! Both of them have been building it into a pirate ship and sitting in it every day since it arrived. It really captured their imagination. They are very into pirates at the moment and always making “pirate ships” out of the furniture so they were very happy to have their own real one to play in.

world book day pirate book that turns into a ship

On the reverse of the pirate ship design, the book has a story about a treasure hunt, showing the pirates journey as they follow the map until they find “X marks the spot” with lots of detailed pictures along the way. The illustrations are all bright and colourful and very cute, perfect for little ones.

world book day pirate book

Thanks so much to my Secret Book Giver whoever you are, and to Miles Kelly for the great idea!

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