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woolly and tig appA brand new Woolly and Tig app has just been released and Mr R (2) has been helping me to test it out!

woolly appThe Woolly App has 2 main modes – structured or free play, plus a hidden parent scheduler.

When you first open the app, it goes into free play mode with Woolly appearing on the screen and given spoken directions on what your child could do to play with him. The graphics of Woolly are great. He looks and moves just like on the TV show and he is really cute. Mr R was very happy as he immediately recognised Woolly and wanted to play!

All the instructions are given verbally so there is no need for your child to be able to read to use the app, but you must either turn the volume on or use headphones.

In free play, you can put woolly to sleep, cuddle or tickle him, play counting games and more. This is easy for even young toddlers to do and did keep Mr R entertained.

woolly app free playFree Play mode shown above: One of Mr R’s favourites is to make Woolly roll over in a roly poly

For more structured play, you can choose from a menu of six options:

  • Getting Dressed
  • Brush My Teeth
  • Wash My Face
  • Fun In The Rain
  • Fun In The Sun
  • Fun In The Snow

woolly app menuIn each section your child helps Woolly to perform the different tasks, or helps him to enjoy the different weathers appropriately. Mr R enjoyed all of these, and the weather ones seemed to be his favourite. Your child will earn a medal for each section if they perform well. As you can see above, Mr R has earned some bronze medals.

woolly app fun in the sunChoosing hats for Woolly as a part of Fun In The Sun

You can also access a parent scheduler which will allow you set a reminder for Woolly to remind your child to do a certain task. This would come in handy if they need help with their daily routine of getting dressed in the morning for example, as he can remind them to wash their face and brush their teeth. Mr R does not need this so much as the moment, so we have been focusing more on the play modes but the scheduler does seem like an innovative and useful feature!

Overall it’s a lovely app. Very well made and very true to the real Woolly character. It will keep little ones easily entertained and help reinforce a good message about brushing teeth, getting dressed without a fuss and all the things which Woolly encourages! We do really like Woolly in our house. I’m not normally a fan of spiders but I totally make an exception for Woolly – he is such a cuddly friendly little spider you can not help liking him!

The Woolly App is available for iPad and iPhone for 2.99 (Download from the App Store here)
Disclaimer: We received the app free and some goodies as thanks

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