winter craftsMr T recently came home with a bag of all his winter crafts and christmas work that he has done at nursery. I haven’t done these particular crafts with him so can not share the methods but here are all his finished pieces of work. He has made some lovely things so it will be nice to look back on, and may give a few ideas if anyone is looking for some examples of winter craft ideas.

winter crafts decorated bell

Decorated Bell

winter crafts stocking

Decorated Stocking

winter crafts angel

Angel made from Doilies. This one is really cute!

winter crafts christmas tree

Decorated Christmas tree in a pot

winter crafts salt dough decorations

Salt dough Christmas tree and angel hanging decorations

winter crafts star

Decorated 3d Star. I’m actually not too sure what this has been made out of. Any ideas?!

winter crafts snowflake

Decorated snow flake with scrunched tissue.

winter crafts christmas gift

Decorated Christmas present.

These are all made by Mr T aged just turned 4 years. He would have had some help from his teachers, but Mr T loves to do crafts and when he wants to he will really concentrate and enjoys sticking lots of bits down. I’m always proud to see the creations he brings home and see what he has been up to.

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Kids craft ideas for winter including snow flake, angel, bell, christmas present crafts and more