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Football is a big part of family life for lots of families up and down the country. We are quite casual footballer supporters (we support Arsenal, and of course England!) and won’t claim to watch every match, but still when there is a big game or tournament on we straight away see our boys interest in the sport really peak, as they spend more and more of their free time kicking a ball around outside or swapping football cards with their friends.

As kids, my siblings and I were the same. Whenever football season rolled around we would mark out a goal in the back garden and set about having our our tournaments, complete with plenty of penalty shoot outs – which were our favourite! Our mum’s flower beds did not thank us for it, but we always had such a fun time and the memories lived on as I love recreating these little tournament with my own kids, and got them started enjoying simple football games from an early age.


Here’s the first match Z went along to watch with his dad a few years back, when he would have been about 3 or 4


Football is such a simple way to spend quality time together as a family, keeping the kids fit and active, and encouraging team spirit, as well as giving them opportunities to win and to learn to lose gracefully! Whether kids play regularly as part of a team, or play with family and friends in a more relaxed way, I can definitely see plenty of benefits in this sport.


Because of my family’s love of the game, I was interested to learn that during Barclays’ 15 years as title sponsors of the Premier League, they’ve worked to make a positive impact, making a commitment with the Football Foundation (the largest sports charity in the UK) to set up sports sites for young people and invested millions in Barclays Spaces for Sports.


They have also set up employability programmes like Barclays Premier League Works, which uses football as the catalyst to get young people trained and ready for work. It’s great to see that they are supporting young people as they grow up, giving opportunities especially to those who need them in deprived inner city areas.


After proudly championing this generation of football for 15 seasons, Barclays are now celebrating by giving away extraordinary Barclays Premier League experiences that I know my family would love.

Visit the Barclays site here and enter the competitions

As well as tickets, the other amazing experiences up for grabs include the once in a lifetime chance to present the Barclays Premier League Trophy to the champions, a trophy visit at your child’s school, or the chance to become a Mascot.

Here’s Rachel Key, last year’s trophy presentation winner, reliving her Barclays #SpiritoftheGame winning moment.

Any family member would love these really special prizes, that money can’t buy! These experiences would be such a cherished memory, so hurry to enter as the competitions close soon!

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