We are a family with lots of technology in the house, even the youngest kids are drawn towards devices and they recently got a really fun new one, the VTech DigiGo (click to read our full review and find out more about what makes this device different.)

Today, I have the chance to offer one In The Playroom reader the chance to win one of these for your child too. Whoever wins it will definitely have a happy kid!

VTech DigiGo

To enter, I’m asking you to share your stories on smart device etiquette in your home, with the hashtag #DigiGoetiquette – Tell me about the smart device rules in your house, or any funny stories you have with your kids technology fails or disasters. One winner will be picked at random.

Over the years, we have been lucky to get away without too many disasters but I have had a phone teethed and drooled on by my eldest as a baby, so much that it stopped working due to water damage (I know… gross right.) I’ve learnt my lessons since then and don’t let babies hold my phone any more! We’ve also had a couple of cracked screens on various tablets. That’s one of the reasons why proper kids devices can be much better than just giving them a cheaper version of a normal grown up one – the kids ones are way more durable, so there is less worry and breakages!

We’ve also had to put a few rules in place to make sure the kids keep their device usage in check. Our basic rules are along the lines of:

  1. No devices at the dinner table (including restaurants)
  2. No taking them out of the house unless I’ve said so
  3. Put back in the right place when when you’ve finished – no leaving them here and there to get lost and broken
  4. Ask before using

We don’t have a strict schedule in terms of time limits. It will vary depending on what else needs to be done, and our plans for the day. As long as the boys put them away when asked, I’m happy enough.


For your chance to win a VTech DigiGo for your child, enter via the Rafflecopter below – making sure to leave a comment with your #DigiGoetiquette story

VTech DigiGo

Good luck!

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