Why Professional Car Servicing is Vital

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Car servicing is expensive, boring, inconvenient and unnecessary: or so say an awful lot of people who try to delay getting their car serviced, putting it off until the last minute or even waiting until there is an issue to take their car to a garage. Let us look at all these points in turn:

Expensive: mechanics must make a living just like anyone else and will charge an hourly rate plus whatever spares and consumables are needed. When you take into account their overheads for both running the business and living comfortably, you will find the cost of a service is not so very terrible after all. But quite apart from this, the cost of a service is often considerably less than the cost of making repairs to a vehicle that has been allowed to get into a rundown condition.

Boring: it can be dull being deprived of your wheels while the service is done, a process that takes several hours sometimes. However, once your service is booked in, you can take a bit of time and see what interesting places are within walking distance of the garage – or you could ask someone to come and pick you up for an outing. London is packed with interesting and unusual places: see if you can find one of the city’s many secret gems. But quite apart from this, being bored is not really a good enough excuse to delay your car’s vital services.

Inconvenient: we are all incredibly busy these days, with many people working more than one job, having to juggle home and work life balances with childcare a demand on quite a lot of time. There is seldom a good time for a service, and it can be tempting to put it off over and over. One good trick is to find a conveniently located garage, easily accessible by public transport. Get your car servicing done within London with Iverson Tyres for a good customer experience in a handy location.

Unnecessary: once you have been driving for a short time, you may think that having your vehicle professionally serviced is a waste of time and money – you are, after all, quite capable of checking your own oil and water, and cleaning your windscreen wipers while you are at it. And you would be quite right too. However, and as you realise with a little more experience under your belt, having your car serviced does more than simple house-keeping tasks. Mechanics know what they are looking at: it is, after all, their field of expertise, and if your vehicle is getting ready to breakdown, they may spot the signs more readily and with more understanding than a layman would have.

When you consider the worst-case scenario, a poorly serviced car can result in a major road accident, should it break down catastrophically while on the highway and in busy traffic. Of course, this is ‘worst case’ and will most likely not happen – but can you afford to gamble with your life and that of however many other road users? Paying for a car service is paying for peace of mind: and that is priceless.

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