Who Finds It First Game

Who Finds It First is a really versatile family game that can be played in multiple different ways, with kids of all ages. The game involves matching up picture cards to the same picture on the game board. This might sound easy, but with 500 cards and a huge game board it’s not as easy as it might sound!

Who finds it first game

The board is made up of jigsaw pieces which can be put together in any combination, in either a 3×3 square shape, or in a long row.

who finds it first picture matching game

To play the game, four picture cards are placed onto the board and players must rush to find them among the pictures on the board. Whoever finds them first, can keep the card. There are actions on some of the picture cards which allow players to take extra cards or steal them from other players too – adding another fun element to the game.

All of the pictures featured are photographs of real items, and it includes a good variety from house hold items to wild animals

picture cards from who finds it firstLooking for the pictures can be quite tricky for little ones, but it’s very satisfying when they do find them! We all enjoyed playing this game, and it’s great that you can adapt it to suit all ages. With my 5 and 6 year old we played the competitive version with racing to find the pictures first but with younger toddlers, you could make good use of this as a non competitive matching activity which would be great for building vocabulary too.

who finds it first picture card matching game

This game was developed in Denmark and is only available from The Present Finder in the UK. It would be a great game to play over Christmas since it suits all ages, and can be as long or short as you want (set a limit on how many rounds, or play until all 500 cards are claimed!) It is such a simple idea, but it makes a really effective game and is a lot of fun!

Who Finds It First is available exclusively from The Present Finder. Click here to find out more and buy.

who finds it first, picture card matching game

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  1. I’m always on the look out for new games, and there seems to be a lot of horrible, mind numbing games flooding the market at the moment, so this one looks great. A game that uses the brain and is suitable for all ages.


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