LEGO Duplo is one of those timeless classic toys that you really can’t go wrong with. We have a collection of Duplo that has been growing child by child, and always gets plenty of play, and my mum still has the Duplo that my siblings and I played with as kids – my boys love to play with it when they go to visit!

Duplo are always bringing out exciting new ranges though, and recently R was sent the LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station set which has been a big hit here.

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station

The LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station set comes with two fire vehicles (a fire engine and a fire car), two fire fighter figures, a three part building, and accessories like fire, and a wrench.

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station

As always with LEGO DUPLO the pieces are chunky and easy to put together, and once you’ve set up the buildings and vehicles they stay together well for plenty of play. The set does come with an instruction booklet and R’s older brothers enjoyed following that to help him put it all together. You can also mix and match and customise the fire station however you like too of course!

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station

There’s plenty of opportunity for role play and imaginary play with this type of set, using the fire fighter vehicles and figures to tell stories while you build and construct. R always loves the figures the most. I can’t blame him – they are pretty cute, and the vehicles are always a hit too. It’s great that there are two vehicles included within this set.

LEGO Duplo Town Fire StationAs with some of the other LEGO Duplo sets, you can open and close the doors and windows to the fire station too, which little ones always enjoy, and this allows you to let the figures inside the building.

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station

LEGO Duplo is recommended for age 2-5 years. With my kids, I’ve always found that they can manage it from about 18 months and it does get plenty of play right up to 5 years, and often a little beyond that too which makes it one of the most long lasting toys that we have in our play room.

Since LEGO Duplo is quite chunky, it’s not too challenging for preschoolers to put the bricks together, pull them apart again, build and re-build which means that they can be in control of the play themselves without needing any adult help or guidance, which is great.

R has been having plenty of fun with this LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station Set, and I would recommend it for other kids in the 2-5 year age range. The Fire Station theme is always popular and this set offers lots of play from building, to story telling and imaginary play, to vehicle play so is a really good all round set.

The LEGO Duplo Town Fire Station is available from all good toy shops, including online at Amazon, for around RRP 44.99