Where Should You Go For A US Family Vacation

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By Luciana Oliveira

The hardest part of arranging family trips is working out where you should actually go.

It is easy to get an idea in your head about the ideal places that you would want to explore or how you would want to spend your time – but finding a real location that can offer those things is not always easy.

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When you are traveling on your holidays with family, it becomes even more complex than if you were taking a solo vacation.

Children, teens, adults, and the elderly will all want different things, and you do not want to leave a part of your immediate family feeling miserable because they have been ignored during the whole trip.

Beaches and Pools

As long as your children can swim – or you can support them while they are in the water – a pool can be an ideal place to spend your time.

Most pools are varied enough in depth to allow for all ages and comfort levels, meaning that nobody needs to feel left out because they are not used to swimming in deeper waters.

Beaches are similar, although you will obviously want to pick one that is safe for swimming.

A popular beach can be a sure-fire safe bet for any vacation, giving you clear water and dry land as well as a range of beachside or boardwalk attractions to enjoy.

On the other hand, an isolated beach can be a nice, relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of your resort or the nearby cities.

Theme Parks

While it might sound obvious, theme parks can be a great place to find something for everybody.

A lot of family-friendly theme parks even offer a range of activities that will all appeal to different ages, as well as some rides or experiences that are meant for all-ages fun.

This means that you can usually rely on a theme park to put the spark back into your holiday.

If you are going with toddlers or younger children, then finding a good theme park that can accommodate them is important – the Family Vacation Guide’s roundup is a good place to start your search.

Road Trips

A vacation does not need to involve staying in the same place for the entire journey.

It is perfectly possible to go on a full-scale road trip, exploring parts of the US that you have never seen before and enjoy the variety of a longer-scale journey.

This can also be a great way to explore your options for a future vacation, either alone or as another family vacation.

For example, you might not want to commit to a mountain vacation yet, but finding good mountain resorts can help you plan ahead for a second trip when you are not going to be bringing younger children with you.

If you’re travelling to the Southwest, be sure to check out horseback riding, hiking, and Colorado whitewater rafting adventures–you won’t be disappointed!

There are countless places to take a vacation to in the US, and all of them offer something distinctly different.

It can be hard to decide where you should go, especially without falling into any biased opinions, so it is a good idea to take things slowly and start small.

After all, nothing is stopping you from taking multiple vacations to different parts of the same state.

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  1. Great insights on family trip planning! It’s important to consider everyone’s interests and find destinations that cater to different age groups. Beaches, pools, theme parks, and road trips are all excellent options. Taking multiple vacations within the same state is a smart idea. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!


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