When to Replace Worn Tyres

Your tyres are the one part of your vehicle in contact with the surface that you are driving on, and as such, you should take care of them. Tyres that have worn smooth are a danger, not only to you and your passengers, but to other road users, pedestrians and even property that is near the road. While you may get away with driving on bald tyres for a short while, you only need to be unlucky once: and you will reap the full force of the law, should you have an accident while driving on unsafe tyres. When it comes to tyres Headley Tyres, Basingstoke has reasonably priced, good-quality offerings readily available. Worn tyre is a widespread reason for a car breakdown complaint, leading to severe accidents. According to the AA breakdown assistance specialist, more than 20,000 Irish motorists reported a car breakdown issue due to a flat tyre or worn tyres. Bulges in the sidewall can be a sign of a weakness inside the tyre.

Indicators of Wear

The most obvious sign is when the tread pattern on the contact surface of the tyre is worn down. The legal limit for tread is 1.6mm, which means that a new tyre, with the full 7.6mm of tread depth, has some way to go before your tyre should be changed. This means that investing in a full set of new tyres can be an economical purchase, especially if you are a careful driver.

Other signs to watch out for include frequent punctures. Poor quality tyres will lose condition readily, leaving you with weekly punctures, unexpected blow-outs, and even instances of “chunking”; which is what happens when pieces of rubber shred away from the tyre. Bulges in the sidewall can be a sign of a weakness inside the tyre. If your tyres are in poor condition:
damaged, worn and fraying, it is best to get replacements, rather than risk it.

Save Your Tyres

You can make your tyres last a bit longer. Driving at the speed limit or slower, avoiding rough or off-road routes, and ensuring that your tyres are inflated to the correct levels can all reduce the damage inflicted by wear and tear, giving you months, if not years, of driving safety.

But no matter how careful a driver you are, or how much wear is left on your tyres: they should be replaced after ten years, even if they are in immaculate condition. So if you are looking to replace your tyres, visit Headley Tyres, Basingstoke branch for a complete list of budget and premium car tyres.

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