Dear New Parent… When a Baby is Born, a Parent is Born

Dear New Parent…

Congratulations! You’re about to embark upon one of life’s most exciting journeys. From the moment that you hear that first little cry, things will never be the same again. Suddenly, you’re responsible not only for yourself, but for this tiny, helpless, beautiful little being. The blank slate of their brand new life stretches out in front of you with so much potential – and it’s wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

Parenthood is a journey of extremes. It’s the greatest joy, and the deepest worry. There’s elation and frustration; apprehension and such pride that will make your heart swell up like never before.

There’s the excitement of all their firsts – first smiles and giggles, rolling, crawling, cruising and walking. First words, first shoes, first holidays, and all of the little things in between. Then there’s the bittersweet realisation of just how fast it goes, and how quickly they grow.

When I had my first child, I remember how far ahead the years seemed to stretch. I was always looking to the next stage. When he was a newborn, a mum with a 6 month old baby would look like a seasoned pro to me, and toddlers seemed like such big kids. Now he’s nearly 10, and those days feel like just yesterday.

Four children later, and my youngest has just turned one year old. I’m still learning, and still muddling through with the challenges that the first year or so can bring. Every parent has their struggles, as much as parenting can be such a joy, it also brings stress and struggles are inevitable.

My struggle with my gorgeous and strong willed one year old has always been with sleep, which I’d guess is a very common one. From the very first night, she just would not be put down in her Moses basket, but loved to sleep in my arms. I’d never experienced such an unputdownable baby before, so that was unexpected and I had to adapt my parenting to fit her needs.

Another struggle especially with the first baby is adapting in your relationship, redefining your roles as parents as well as partners, and making sure that both of you pull your weight. Among my mum friends, this is a really common issue in the first year and can be really hard to negotiate, especially when you’re both sleep deprived and stressed. It does get easier and there’s so much fun to be had in your new little family.

Now that I’ve come through the first year for the last time, I know I’m going to miss those sweet little baby days. There really is nothing like it. So I’m so excited for you new parent, there’s so much love and laughter ahead of you with so much to learn and discover. And as for the stresses and struggles – don’t worry, you got this!


A Fellow Mum

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2 thoughts on “Dear New Parent… When a Baby is Born, a Parent is Born”

  1. Parenthood marks a new beginning in the journey of Married couples. The responsibilities changes of both the person. Now they’re not just Husband and wife, but also Mom and Dad.

  2. Without any doubt, I agree with your thought. An ultimate goal of a married couple is born a child. It’s really a wonderful moment for both of them. You know, only that couple can explain their feelings after do bear their first kid. And after that moment people address them as mom and dad. It’s really a pretty good moment. 🙂


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