What Is The Cost Of Playground Equipment & Why Should I Buy It

When it comes to the question of playgrounds and cost, it’s akin to asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ While exact figures can’t be estimated through an article for ‘a playground’ as so many factors will affect the price, from size of the playground to the type of equipment you’re purchasing, it isn’t difficult for you to work out a ballpark figure for your specific space. Not only that but general guidelines may even be able to help you see just how much of your budget will be spent on playground equipment and how much will be put towards things like installation, prepping of the area itself and even delivery of the playground equipment.

Budget Cost Breakdown

Playground costs can be broken down into three areas…


The equipment itself will always be the largest outlay within your budget. This is especially the case when you’re looking at purchasing high-quality, long lasting and durable equipment. You want to ensure your equipment is going to last you many years, not months. Generally speaking, well made playground equipment can take around 50-60% of your budget. While many would argue that more should go towards the playground equipment, it’s worth considering who will be installing the equipment. If you and your team are unable to do it, then you’ll need to put the budget aside for this. You will also want to take into account playground markings, these make a great addition to any playground.


If you’re paying a company to install, perhaps even the playground manufacturer themselves, then you’ll need to account for around 20-35% of your budget on installation. Of course, these figures are an estimate but it pays to spend money here. Scrimping and saving by trying to install yourself could end with poorly installed equipment that’s anything but safe and long-lasting.


If you’re lucky enough to have an empty space within an already prepared playground then you won’t need to worry about preparation. If however, you don’t have a dedicated space ready for playground equipment to be installed, you’ll also need to consider placing a budget towards the preparation for your chosen area. You’ll need to create a level space that’s big enough for playground equipment to be spaced out safely.

Paying For The Playground

While your setting may not have the budget there already, that doesn’t mean a playground isn’t within your means. In fact, there are numerous ways to pay for a playground…

  • School Budget – if you have a school budget set aside then of course, this will be your first go-to. While it may not cover the entire playground, it may cover a sizable chunk, which you can then work toward topping up.
  • PTA – Parent/Teacher Associations are a great way to help with fundraising, through school competitions and fairs. You may find you’re able to top up the school budget or better still, pay for it entirely. 
  • Loans/Sponsorships – there are many councils that offer local grants or loans for educational settings that need financial help towards a playground.  Failing that, you may wish to contact local businesses who could be interested in ‘sponsoring’ your playground in exchange for local advertising. 

Why Your Setting Needs A Playground

There are numerous benefits to having playground equipment in your childcare setting. From the mental health benefits to the physical benefits, playground equipment has been shown to provide a vital aid when it comes to a child’s development. From coordination to motor skills, core strength and even socialisation skills; playground equipment can have a huge impact on children especially within an early years setting when they’re developing these skills the most. 

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