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My boys and I always enjoy doing puzzles together, but recently we tried something a bit more special than usual – a personalised photo wooden jigsaw from Wentworth wooden puzzles.

wentworth personalised photo puzzle


I chose a brightly coloured picture featuring all three of the boys. It’s important to choose a photo of high enough quality, to make sure that the quality of your image is not affected. The photo that I selected for the jigsaw was a high resolution photo taken with my DSLR and it came out great on the puzzle. A couple of tips to bear in mind are:

  • If you are scanning a printed photo, don’t use a photo smaller than 5” x 7” and scan at 300dpi
  • Some cropping may occur during production, particularly if your image is not rectangular

I would also recommend that if children will be doing the jigsaw, then you are best off going for a photo with lots of different colours in it, like the one that I selected. We have tried some photo jigsaws in the past and found it quite difficult due to a bad choice of photo, with lots of similar shades in it!

When you open the box, you will see all of the wooden pieces carefully packaged inside a drawstring bag.

wentworth jigsaw puzzle bag


The photo personalised puzzle is 50 pieces, and among those pieces you get some of the special Whimsy pieces which are the mark of Wentworth puzzles. It’s the first time we have tried a puzzle from Wentworth and we really liked the addition of these. It definitely added another element of fun for the children, and looked really cute and quirky.

Whimsy pieces are specially shaped pieces like this:

wentworth whimsy pieces


You can see the rhino piece will slot into the jigsaw here. All of the whimsy pieces in this puzzle are animal themed.

kangaroo shaped whimsy piece


Here’s a kangaroo shaped one that T found with his face on it!

personalised wooden photo puzzle


The boys worked together on the puzzle and really enjoyed the fact that it featured all of them on it. It made a fun family activity and would also be a lovely gift for grandparents or relatives who enjoy puzzles, as a fun way to give the gift of a favourite photo. This puzzle makes a lovely keep sake and seems much more special than other photo jigsaws we have tried in the past, since it is wooden and has the lovely whimsy pieces and drawstring bag the whole package looks like a much better quality gift.

personalised wentworth puzzle

The 50 piece photo puzzle is available for £25.95, or you can opt for a more difficult 100 piece version at £30.95

See more about the Wentworth personalised photo wooden jigsaws here.

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