Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

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For this month’s Kids Craft Star’s challenge, we’ve been crafting with doilies. You can pick these up in the supermarket nearby to the paper plates, cups and party supplies and they make cheap and convenient craft supplies. If you’ve been looking for a different canvas to let your kids create on, why not try doilies. The pretty edging that they tend to have will give your crafts a different look and feel. We thought the patterns on the doilies were really suited to a Valentines craft, and since Valentines is coming up soon we made our doily craft love heart themed.

This is a really simple Valentines craft that even toddlers can make, while older kids will enjoy writing personalised messages on the back for their loved ones.

Doily and watercolor love heart valentines craft for kids. So simple and fun to make


To make this doily love hearts Valentines craft you’ll need:

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

How to make:

The first step is to paint your water colour picture, which you’ll use later to cut out heart shapes. Kids can paint heart shapes onto the paper, or just experiment with the colours and make the heart shapes later when cutting – both ways give good results.

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

You’ll need to leave these to dry before cutting out the hearts. Meanwhile, you can make the doily base that the hearts will be stuck on to.

We decided to add a circle of cardboard in between the doilies in each craft to make the final craft stronger and less flimsy, so cut a circle slightly smaller than the doily that you’re using, and glue one doily to the each side of it. We added the ribbon in between the doilies too (using tape) so that you can hang up the craft once it’s done.

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

Once the watercolour paintings are dry, kids can cut them out into heart shapes of different sizes,

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

Then layer them onto the doily base however they like, using a glue stick to stick them down.

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

They can experiment with layering them on top of each other, or just spread them out over the whole space

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

Watercolour & Doily Valentine Craft

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