Want to see your tweet on the BT Tower?

BT TowerAs bloggers, most of us are always happy to increase our numbers of Twitter followers so that we can reach more people. I know I am not the only one to get happy when I reach my next milestone amount! But if you would like one of your tweets to reach not just thousands, but millions of people all over London, being displayed on the information band of the BT Tower, then you might be interested in joining in with BT on Twitter over the next couple of days!

Using the hashtag #TweetsOnTheTower on Twitter, BT will give people the opportunity to display personal Christmas messages from the top of the BT Tower – in front of millions of Londoners across the capital.

To get your message displayed, simply tweet @bt_uk between 19th-21st remembering your hashtag #TweetsOnTheTower and they will be picking 12 tweets every 2 hours to display over the three day period which will be over 100 tweets in total. The selected tweets will appear from 16.00 to 22.00 between 19th – 21st December and each one will be shown for 10-12 minutes.

BT_Tower_2So if you have a message you would love to get out and spread to millions, you have plenty of chances! BT will be picking the best tweets, in terms of content, humour, charm and relevance – so bearing that in mind will give you the best chance of being picked.

If you want to keep a lasting record of your few minutes of fame on the BT tower, don’t worry as everyone featured will be sent a Vine video of their tweet being displayed on the tower. You can then retweet this or share via other social media, just in case any of your friends had missed it!

What message would you like to share? Let me know, and don’t forget to tweet it to @bt_uk with #TweetsOnTheTower!

Here is mine, which BT posted on the tower for my sister!


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