Walkers Mighty Lights

Walkers have a new style of crisps out – Walkers Mighty Lights, and along with other blogging families we have been sent 3 multipacks (one for each flavour) to test out and tell you all what we thought of them.

I generally trust and like the brand Walkers for crisps, as they are so well established and I know there will be a certain quality they will meet. We recently reviewed another new crisps from them, the Hoops and Crosses, and you can see our review here.

But for now, onto the new crisps – Mighty Lights!

The three flavours are:

  1. Cheese & Onion
  2. Lightly Salted
  3. Roast Chicken

They are called mighty lights because they have 30% less fat than the standard crisps on average, yet they are still mighty in flavour. The crisps have no artificial colours or preservatives, no MSG, are a source of fibre and are suitable for vegetarians.

I feel comfortable with my boys eating these crisps, because obviously it is within moderation even if they are a lighter crisp, so I am happy for this to be a part of their diet now and again – whether in the lunch box or sometimes as an after school snack.

The boys have tried out the crisps as a snack to give them some more energy while playing out in the garden. They all seemed to prefer the cheese and onion flavour, and were not so keen on the roast chicken – although the roast chicken was my favourite personally! (I did enjoy all of the flavours)

The amount in each pack was quite a lot for the children as they are only young (2-5 years old) so none of them managed to finish the whole packet to themselves but for an adult the portion is good. I think if placed in a lunch box, Mr Z may be able to finish a packet but if not I will take half out and put those in a small box inside his lunch box.

The texture of the crisps is a ribbed crinkle cut. I always like this more than the standard crisps, as it is thicker and gives a much better taste and are much more satisfying to eat.

The packaging of the crisps is good with all the calorie and dietary information clearly on the front, and the cute mighty lights crisp character there to make it appealing and fun. I do feel that blue for cheese and onion is very wrong – everyone knows it should be green and blue is supposed to be salt and vinegar! The lightly salted comes in red and the chicken is an orangey colour which are both what I would expect.

Overall, I would say the children did prefer other styles of Walkers crisps a little more than these, such as the Hoops and Crosses I mentioned earlier, or Mr Z said his favourite to choose for in the lunchbox would be quavers – as these Mighty Lights are not such an obviously “children’s” crisps, they are suitable for all ages. They did enjoy them though and were happy to eat them, and I really enjoyed them myself. I do prefer to eat crisps which are lower in fat, as I don’t see the point in eating higher fat ones when the low fat ones taste nice too. I would definitely get these when I come across them in the supermarket, possibly moreso as a lower fat choice for myself when I really fancy a packet of crisps rather than being primarily for the children’s lunch boxes but I will be happy to include some in their lunch boxes now and again for a bit of variety.

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