Underwater Wall from Walls of the Wild

We recently decorated the older boy’s room and had painted the walls blue and added a Finding Nemo theme, so I was really happy to have a chance to try out some of the Underwater wall stickers from Walls of the Wild as they compliment the existing room really nicely.

There is a great variety on Walls of the Wild and all of the options are really striking. Every wall sticker is a reproduction of the artwork of Dede Lifgren and so are really unique. The illustrations are quite a realistic type of style, so with all of the underwater stickers it gives a real “aquarium” kind of feel!

I was sent lots of clownfish and butterfly fish, a big eye fish, the queen angelfish which is looking towards the front, and a giant dolphin. These worked really well, with the dolphin as a feature on one wall and the other fish giving the impression of swimming around together on another wall

dolphin wall sticker
The dolphin is a really good size 46″x20″ and looks great on the wall – very friendly! Having a sticker of this size really stands out and finishes off the whole wall. Despite being large this was easy to apply and went on the wall very smoothly. I peeled back a little of the backing and stuck one small side on the wall then slowly kept peeling more of the backing from underneath while smoothing the sticker on to the wall. The end result is totally smooth with no wrinkles and I can tell that this sticker is a good quality and won’t peel off later on.

angel fish and clown fish wall stickersHere are some of the butterfly fish and clown fish. These are smaller size stickers so were very very quick and easy to apply. I changed my mind about the position of some and found it really easy to peel them off and reapply too, and they did not lose any of their stickyness after being repositioned.
aquarium wall stickers
There is a dado rail in the room left over from the previous owners, so I decided to position all the fish above this on the top half of the wall to make an aquarium type of scene.
clownfish angel fish wall stickersWe also had the angelfish looking forwards which reminds me of when you are in an aquarium and the fish come up to the glass to look at you.

The fish have given a good effect in the room, adding more colour and personality and my boys really like it.

Having moved house 4 times since having my eldest, I have tried quite a few brands of wall stickers over the years. I have definitely found Walls of the Wild to be one of the better quality ones. The images are all printed on self-adhesive, peel and stick polyester which looks well made. I find that cheaper brands do not always apply to the wall so well and are much more prone to wrinkling or peeling from the wall once they are stuck but I feel really confident that our new underwater scene will last very well.

Walls of the Wild have loads more designs available too like dinosaurs, farm, plants and more so definitely worth a look if you want a really quick and easy but really effective way to liven up any room.

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    • yes it does come off easily, cos I moved some of them around so had to take off and reapply it came off really well. with some wall stickers, its not repositionable so once its on you have to leave it so you have to read carefully whichever ones you get but these ones should be fine


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