Parcelgenie: Review and Competition

ParcelGenieLogoHave you heard of Parcelgenie? It’s a new gift messaging app available on the apple appstore, google play store or for windows phones. It enables you to chose and send real gifts to your friends in the post, very easily and conveniently.

I love the idea of Parcelgenie, making it easy to spread a little happiness to our loved ones, a thoughtful little gift in the post always makes you smile!

The Parcelgenie people let me try it out and I chose one gift for myself and one for my best friend (she is also starting up blogging over at so why not pop over!)

I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and found it really easy to use. I browsed through the gifts and chose the fudgy cake balls for myself and some funky socks for my friend.

After sending the gifts, a text is sent to the recipient asking them to reply to Parcelgenie with their address and then shortly afterwards in the next couple of days, a lovely treat will drop through their letterbox!

IMG_7072The gifts come nicely wrapped up. This is my little parcel of fudgy cake balls

IMG_7077And here they are once I have broken in to them πŸ˜€


It comes with six – I had eaten two! They are sooooo nice. I find some cakes can be disappointing or overrated at times but not these – they are amazing! Really delicious and so nicely packaged, it would definitely make a lovely surprise to be sent these as a little gift.

My friend was also really pleased with her socks and wore them straight away.

There is a fair amount of variety on Parcelgenie. I do feel if they put even more then it will be even better but at the moment you can choose from a wide variety of sweets and confectionery gifts, a selection of pampering gifts and other choices like birthday or new baby themed items including a very cute teddy and baby shoes, and some more novelty gifts.

Parcelgenie app is a great idea, really handy and definitely worth a look especially if you have friends and relatives a little further away spread around the country and would like to send something. It is handy that you don’t even need to know their full address. I know sometimes I can’t remember all my friends postcodes and everything especially with people moving around a lot these days! So Parcelgenie takes all that hassle out of sending. Could come in handy for little Eid gifts!

Parcelgenie have given me a code to share for any of my readers who place their first order on the app before mid September, to get 30% off, just use the code DJ45FM.

I’m also really happy to have the chance to offer one lucky winner a code to spend on the gift of your choice from Parcelgenie. Just enter via the rafflecopter below!

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167 thoughts on “Parcelgenie: Review and Competition”

  1. i think the parcelgenie apps is a great idea i would send a gift to my daughter as i have just found out she is expecting my first grandchild πŸ™‚

  2. I love the look of the new Sunshine Box, would be great for any of my friends to brighten their day πŸ™‚

  3. Once I find employment again, I would sit after work and eat them triumphantly aaaaall by myself!! With love, Faye xx

  4. I would send either chocolate to my mum or a present to my sister who is having a baby in 3 and a half weeks.

  5. This is a great website where u can send little gifts to the people you care about but maybe can’t always see please try at least once you’ll always come back

  6. That is an awesome idea…i would like to send a treat to my daughter and would surprise her with a retro sweetie box or chocs of some kind πŸ™‚

  7. May have to have something to myself, recently had a baby and i’m exhaused. A little treat would be just what i need! )

  8. A retro sweet box for my nephew who is starting uni this year-he will make loads of friends with this prezzie to share!

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  10. I would send to my Great Aunty who is 86yrs old on Friday and she has done alot for my family as she has no children and this owuld make her smile! Thanks

  11. I would have it for myself because I absolutely adore your products and can confirm that they are too good to share!!! πŸ˜‰

  12. I would send something delicious to my Mum to thank her for helping my husband and I out of a tight spot recently!

  13. I would definitely send to my partner but would have a hard time deciding between the fudge cake balls (my hubby loves choc fudge cake), and the damn hot box as he loves a bit of spice! What a fabulous idea! I’ll definitely be ordering xx

  14. I think I would just have to treat myself! Nice little pick me up in the middle of the summer holidays! Is that selfish?! lol

  15. I would choose the fudgy cake balls & i would send them to myself to share with my partner, they sound delicious! πŸ™‚


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