Top Tips to Make You a More Valuable Employee

There is nothing that can have a more direct impact on your income than your value as an employee. The more you’re worth, the more people are willing to pay for you. It’s as simple as that. So how can you increase your worth and be that ideal employee that an employer would be thrilled to have under them? Being a hard worker is great, but if there are other hard workers that have a wider range of skills they can get the edge over you. Here are some tips that can help you to increase your value as a potential employee.

Learn a New Language

If you love a challenge, learning a language can be very enjoyable. Getting to the stage where you can speak another language is immensely satisfying and can even increase your mental function in older age. It also instantly adds value to your employability as commerce is global and any company that exports products or services will have value in an employee that can communicate with those who can’t speak English.

Get a Master’s or Doctorate

There’s nothing that adds value to your CV like an extra degree. It demonstrates your ability to work hard and achieve something that requires a lot of effort – and employers love tenacity. It also helps to broaden your horizons and make you seem a more mature employee. Getting a masters in education UK universities can secure you a more fulling career. Usually they take a year to complete, which isn’t too much to help your future prospects. 

Work Hard

Working hard doesn’t necessarily set you apart from other individuals that work hard, unless you work even harder or go out of your way to show your employers that you can work hard beyond the call of duty. One of the founders of 2012’s most anticipated Advertising startup recalls how he got his first job in advertising by getting rejected, noticing an empty office on the way out and running back to offer to work for free. The employer couldn’t say no, and after seeing how hard he worked, he had to hire him. Again, tenacity is a valuable skill to demonstrate, especially in sales-heavy business positions.

Have Something Interesting on Your CV

If you apply for a job and demonstrate something on your CV that most people don’t, you can really demonstrate your value as a unique individual. Some examples could be having written a book, developed a game or an app, or created quantifiable social change in a community (not just helped out on your gap year). If you’re applying for a job in business, some employers like those who have tried to found a startup, even if they’ve failed. Think about something you’ve done that demonstrates a skill not everybody has and make sure it’s clear on your curriculum vitae. 

It can be tough to create value in these ways, and almost all of them take a considerable amount of time, but if you think about it like an investment, you will know that it makes a lot of sense from an economical perspective to commit the time. Imagine you spend a year doing a master’s, but it allows you to get started in a career that pays 10% more every year than a job you would have managed to get with just a bachelor’s degree. This is the reality for many postgrads, who earn more than £200,000 more over their career than they would have done without their additional degree.

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  1. If you aren’t proud of your work, then you didn’t put 100% of your effort into it. Do not just complete an assignment just to say you did it! Be sure you are pouring solid, concentrated effort into whatever you are working on!


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