Top Tips for Outdoor Play, and the Best Outdoor Toys for Kids with Little Tikes Bring Back The Outdoors

This summer, Little Tikes are celebrating all of the parents and families who encourage kids to get outdoors into the garden or great outdoors, and in a time where indoor screen based activities can be very tempting, or safety concerns can keep kids inside, they’ve brought out some great new ranges to make outdoor play even more fun and exciting.

We went along to the Little Tikes Bring Back the Outdoors event at Hyde Park on the weekend, and had such a lovely time. We had the perfect weather for it, as it was a really sunny day and N couldn’t have been happier. Exploring all of the Little Tikes outdoor toys was so exciting for her, and a few hours just flashed by!

N is 16 months, and now that she’s very steady on her feet and the weather is starting to warm up, I’m really starting to think about what the best toys would be to add to our garden so that we can spend plenty of time out there in the coming months.

One of the toys that caught her attention at the event was the Anchors Away Pirate Ship. There are several different sand and water tables from Little Tikes which are all a lot of fun, but we really liked the imagination element with this pirate themed table. There are little figures that come with it, and it has a little slide built into the side for the figures to go down, which N absolutely loved! There’s so much going on with the Anchors Away Pirate Ship, that it can be played with in lots of different ways, and I could see that getting a lot of play in our garden.

Anchors Away Pirate Ship recommended for Age: 2 years+, priced from £79.99. Available at, Tesco Direct, Amazon, Debenhams, Toys R Us & The Entertainer

Another toy I’ve had on my wish list for the garden is a Cozy Coupe car. This is a total classic, which we also had with the boys so I know really well how much play value they provide. We loved seeing some of the new and different designs like the dinosaur or the princess Cozy Coupe, which are pretty cool. I also tried N in a Cosy Coupe with the bottom of the base in it, which is really good for younger toddlers so you can just push them along and she really loved going for long rides all around the place like that.

(Pictured: Cozy Coupe Dino)

She also really enjoyed having a ride in the Little Tikes Pack n Go Trike. These are a new product, which I hadn’t seen before from Little Tikes. It would be perfect for trips to the park, and is something that grows with children as they can pedal it themselves as they get older so it would last for years!

My First Trike. Age: 9 months – 5 years, priced from £59.99. Available exclusively at Argos

New Fun Zone Range

For bringing the feel of the water park to your garden, check out the new Fun Zone range from Little Tikes which is pretty epic! There’s the Tumblin Tower Climber and the Drop Zone, both with tipping water buckets, or if you have a smaller space then the Dual Twister or Splash Face are both great to play with friends or siblings with a smaller footprint and lower price tag. This range is suited for 2+ up to 5+

Check out the new Fun Zone range here

Light n Go Range for Little Ones

The new Light n Go Range from Little Tikes has some great products that can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors, by even the non walking babies. These toys are designed to help with the early development stages between crawling and walking, and encourage little ones to move more.

N has been playing with her Light N Go walker in the garden, racing up and down and she’s also been interested in all of the activities on the front. The light up ball has a disco light effect that’s very appealing to little ones, and she loves the noises especially the monkey one!

Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker. Age: 9months+, priced from £39.99. Available at

Other products in the range include the Light N Go Sports Zone, and the Movin Lights Monkey which both look really fun too!

Adding new and engaging toys to your play space is a sure-fire way to get the kids interested in playing outside, but it’s not the only solution to getting reluctant kids off the sofa and outdoors. Here are a few more handy tips from Little Tikes!


Emma Kenny, Psychologist and spokesperson for Little Tikes, said “Outdoor play is a great way to bond with your child while allowing them to experience the fresh air and freedom outdoor activities can provide.

“It’s important for parents to help nurture an interest in the outdoors in their children to grow and flourish – outdoor play can lead to great opportunities for learning and discovery as well as being a fun family bonding experience.” and shared these simple and effective ideas for outdoor play…

(Pictured: Little Tikes Sizzle & Serve Grill)

  • Have fun with them! Kids absolutely love to spend time with their parents. Whether you create an obstacle course in the garden up and over the slide and around the sandpit, or a simple game of hide and seek, playing together is fantastic for bonding and ensures lots of healthy activity.

(Pictured: Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox)

  • Get kids growing! Connecting children with nature is a sure fire way to spark their interest in and connection with the outdoors. Planting sunflower seeds and having a ‘whose grows tallest’ competition is a simple way to get things growing!
  • Get creative with the outdoors, messy play becomes a lot more fun when it doesn’t matter how messy you get. The sandpit and water table are great places to start making memories, and why not take the paints, paper and brushes outdoors and help your kids with their messy masterpieces.

(Pictured: Little Tikes Junior Picnic Table)

  • Go on a nature treasure trail. Grab some bags and go out on a nature walk, take their scooter or trike making sure you gather interesting pebbles, and leaves along the way. When you get home you can make creative collages that you can keep as souvenirs.
  • Get them den building! You’re never too old or too young for den building. Aside from building imagination, dexterity and divergent play skills, there is nothing more exciting than having a secret den to play in
  • Go moon watching as a family. From counting stars, to learning all the shapes of the moon. Getting outside at night can help relax children before bed and help with a restful sleep
  • Play bug detectives! Get muddy looking under rocks and digging in the soil to see how many bugs and worms you can spot. This activity brings nature to life and helps kids feel a sense of excitement in the outside world


According to research from Little Tikes, these are the favourites!

  1. Playing in the park
  2. Playing in the playground or play area
  3. Football
  4. Playing on the trampoline
  5. A walk
  6. Exploring woods or forests
  7. Playing in a paddling pool / water play
  8. Playing on a scooter
  9. Going on a picnic
  10. Games like ‘You’re It’
  11. A treasure hunt
  12. Building a den
  13. Walking the dog
  14. Climbing trees
  15. Camping

What are your kids favourite things to do outdoors? I hope you got some ideas and inspiration from this post. I definitely got lots of inspiration myself at the Little Tikes Bring Back the Outdoors event and can’t wait to spend even more time outside with the kids over the rest of Spring and Summer!

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