Top Parenting Posts of 2014

At the end of each year it’s always fun to look back and reflect on the year that’s past – whether with life, or even with your blog. This year I’m joining together with a group of bloggers to share our top parenting posts from over the last year.

These are the posts that have been read the most times this year, just on a parenting theme. Not activities and crafts (Those top 10 lists will be coming soon too!) but parenting advice and information.

The top parenting posts this year on In The Playroom

top parenting posts of 2014 from

Parenting a new baby : Common Illnesses and what to expect

Flaky new baby skin… colic…teething… it’s all in here! This post brought back so many new baby memories.

135 Book Recommendations for toddlers

If you want book ideas, you have to check this out. With 135 categorised suggestions you’re sure to find something that suits your child.

Helping Your Child’s Speech and Language

This is one of my favourite posts on a topic that’s affected our family. Early support with speech and language development is so important, and with long waiting lists and referral processes it can take valuable time waiting for your child to be seen. So here’s what you can try at home while you wait.

35 Creative Playrooms and Play Spaces for Kids

There are so many awesome playrooms in here, as well as super fun outdoor play areas.

Sleep and Your Special Needs Child – Six changes to make during the day to help at night

This one is a guest post from the authors of “Sleep and Your Special Needs Child” with some useful tips to help with developing a good sleep routine, since we all know how vital sleep is for all the family!

Where are the most family friendly places to live in the UK?

Check out the best areas by postcode. I didn’t realise this one had been so popular, but it seems like a lot of people google this!

Starting school for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Another topic that has been important to us this year, with our 2nd child starting his first year at school. These are some of the strategies we used to get him ready.

6 Tips on Moving House With Young Children

We moved house 4 times in 4 years when the kids were babies, and I hope not to have to move again for a few years! But if you are moving, hopefully these tips can help to reduce the stress.

Telling the Time and Learning to Understand Time – For Kids

Helping kids not only to read the time on a clock, but understand the meaning of “one minute” “five minutes” and learning how to wait, and to transition from activity to activity without meltdowns.

Tips for a peaceful life with preschoolers

With 3 little ones in the house, these are the strategies that helped me keep things calm and under control. Now, we have only one preschooler left. They really do grow up so fast!


If you want even more parenting posts, then take a look at last years list with the top 13 posts of 2013.

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