Top 5 Educational Games Your Kids Should Play at Their Computer

Are you looking for fun and entertaining games your kids can play on their computers that will also impact some knowledge in your kids? 

Educational games are great for many reasons. They offer a combination of fun and education which takes out the boring part of learning. According to James from games don’t necessarily have to involve shooting or great adventures. 

While those are equally important in a child’s development, it is important to include a few educational games. But is there a way to combine education and games for your kids without boring them? 

Here are 5 educational games your kids should play on their computers. 


ItzaBitza is a fun game that can be played for preschool kids all the way to kindergarten. The game helps develop important skills in reading, vocabulary, and creativity. 

The game allows children to draw by offering them prompts. For example, a character on a computer can ask them to draw a house. Once the kid draws a house, the character will try to fit in through the door making the game even more fun. These animated activities that happen after the kids finish drawing are meant to make the game more exciting. 

It also helps kids learn how to read by offering awards such as a star to reading prompts. All in all, the game is designed to boost your kid’s self-confidence. 


If you would like to help your kids develop their math skills, then Prodigy is the game for them. 

The game combines fun and mathematical problems. It is free and requires the kids/players to answer skill-building math questions after which they earn points and proceed to the next level. Each new level comes with its share of difficulty allowing your kids to build their math skills in the process. 

The game is suitable for 6-12 years olds. It can be played on multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS. 

Colorfy: Art Coloring Game

Colorfy is a great option for kids who love art. 

You don’t need crayons or sketchbooks. It is a digital coloring book with more than 1000 pictures to paint. The pictures range from floral patterns, animals, mandalas and so much more. 

The game comes with a wide range of features and functionalities such as different brushes, working offline and online, and drawing your own pictures. Kids interested in art will definitely learn a lot from this game. 

Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a free online game about creating your own universe. Players get 4 basic components and combine them. Only to get something new.

For instance, fire plus soil give you lava. New elements get to the panel in the right part of the field. There are 720 in total. A bright mind is sure to match the right ones to get living beings. And even a human!

It’s a great title to boost kids’ imagination thanks to simple and hooking mechanics. While they enjoy the session, they also get general information about materials and their properties.



GoNoodle is a fun and interactive game that will get your kids moving. It is especially ideal if you want your kids to get into more physical activities around the house. The game comes with a wide range of engaging video content that includes songs, dance, yoga, mindfulness, stretching, and much more. 

It can be played by kids from 5-12 years old. The good thing about GoNoodle is that it can fit different scenarios. Whether your child is playing alone, or they are hosting a birthday party, they will always have something to occupy their time and get them moving. 


Tynker is one of the best available games that will encourage your kids to join the awesome world of technology. The game is designed to help children learn how to code. 

It is built with a wide range of courses that fit children from as low as 5 years old and comes with all the tools that your kid might need to gain some confidence in coding, STEM, and other tech-related subjects. 

They get to enjoy a wide array of interactive videos, how-to videos, mini-game reviews and so much more. With more than 3700 modules so far, your kids will always have something to engage their brains and their time. 

PBS Kids Games (Bonus)

Your children will probably love this because it features all their favorite TV characters from PBS. The game is based on social studies and it is designed to help kids explore different cultures, identities, environments, science, and governance. 

It is a fun way for your kids to learn about the things that surround us such as the solar system. The game is free and is available on the Web, iTunes App Store, and Google Play. 


Technology has come a long way in improving access and quality of education. Now, we can use games to help our children learn and explore different concepts, skills, and ways of life. Regardless of whether you have to pay for the game or not, these games help the kids develop and become better people for themselves and consequently, great members of society. 


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