Top 3 films which will help children’s development

The remote control is always at the centre of all battles at home. You want to watch one thing, and the kids want an entire different show altogether. Well, the kids are going to be home for a long time now over the holidays, so you might need to get ready for the battle of the remote control. Or not. See, if you just agree on what movies the family can watch, then everyone would have fun. Always sift through the available movie choices and find something that works for the children. There are tons of movies out there that provide life lessons and help a kid develop positively.

Here is a little help with your selection:


This animation flick is suitable for children at the age of four and above. Basically, it is about a little baby Elephant that is stigmatised in the jungle because of its rather funny looking set of ears. Over time, Dumbo’s peers come to learn that different is not bad at all and end up embracing the qualities of their comrade. The lesson to kids here is that it is not wrong to be different. If anything, it is a blessing form mother nature.

Finding Dory

Finding Nemo was a hit back in the day, and Pixar chose to give us a dose of the same medicine when they came up with the equally thrilling Finding Dory. Dory is a small fish that suffers from memory loss, and when she is wept into the deep waters, only her sense of purpose and determination can help her. Along the way, she makes a team of dedicated friends who eventually help her find a way back home. If you have seen finding dory and would like to know more films like Finding Dory then visit


In a world where bunnies are known as carrot farmers, a female rises to challenge the status quo. Going against the grain, she chooses to be a police officer, a feat never a achieved by a bunny in Zootopia, let alone a female bunny.

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