Tomy Zootropolis Toys Review

My boys love Disney movies, and were excited to try out the new range of Zootropolis toys from Tomy, to go along with the latest Disney movie Zootropolis.

Tomy have a wide selection of toys to go with this movie, from soft toys to small action figures, vehicles, and even a carrot recorder!


Judys Carrot recorder and badge

This toy was definitely one of the biggest hits with my boys. It’s quite a unique idea, and they hadn’t had something like this before. The carrot recorder works by pressing down one of the buttons to record while you talk, and then pressing the other button to play it back. It’s a simple concept, but lots of fun! The boys loved running into another room to quickly record a secret message, and then running back in to play it back to everyone else.


The carrot recorder and badge work well for police themed role play, and re-enacting phrases from the Zootropolis movie, but we found that it’s really open ended and my kids came up with loads of different ideas with it. I hadn’t been sure how much longevity this toy would have with them, but they really took to it and have played with it a lot!

The carrot recorder and badge set is available for around RRP 12.99 (Currently 8.98 on Amazon)

Officer Judy Hopps soft toy

This soft toy of Officer Judy Hopps from the Zootropolis movie comes with sound effects and phrases from the movie. When you press Judy’s tummy, she will say one of six phrases, like “Every mammal has a heart” or “Bunnies from the Burrows don’t get stepped on, they step up!” (Or alternatively, you can switch to just making sound effects, although we prefer the phrases!)

Judy is a medium sized soft toy, at 13.5 inches tall, and looks very accurate to the character in the movie.

T really likes the Zootropolis talking soft toys, we also have the Nick Wilde one, and the interactive element of hearing them talk always makes him laugh.

The batteries come already included (the toy takes 2 x AA) so Judy is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

The Officer Judy Hopps soft toy is available for around RRP 16.99 (Currently 13.99 on Amazon)


Judy Hopps Police Cruiser Deluxe Vehicle

This play set comes with a vehicle, Judy Hopps figure, and a small animal figure (who is the criminal). It’s a fun set for imaginary play, and the vehicle has some great effects like flashing lights which activate when you move the car back and forth on a surface, and a jail cell that opens up at the back.

The car is quite a big size, and fits the Judy Hopps character figure inside, or other Zootropolis character figures which you can buy separately. The Judy Hopps is quite small but is poseable so can be made to sit down, or stand up, and move each of the limbs.


The jail cell at the back of the car opens up quite easily, and my boys love trapping criminals in there – it definitely adds a lot of fun and play value into the vehicle. After playing with the car, R told me that he wants a life size version of this car for himself! Perhaps if he comes a police officer in the future!


The Disney Zootropolis Judy Hopps Police Cruiser Deluxe Vehicle set is available for around RRP 24.99

There are loads more Zootropolis toys in the range too! So do visit the Tomy site to see all of them


*We were sent the toys to review. Affiliate links included

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