TMNT Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Using your child’s favourite characters as a theme is a great way to make your Christmas ornaments or decorations even more fun! I’ve seen some really cool ideas around, including lots of awesome TMNT Christmas ornaments for the tree.

There’s a new range of TMNT toys available from Flair : the Half Shell Heroes and Mr R was sent a little figure (we have Donatello) along with a clear bauble. These toys are smaller than the other TMNT figures and are aimed at age 2-5 years. They are very cute! Using a small figure like this is such an easy way to customise a clear bauble.

The easiest way to make a TMNT Christmas tree decoration - little character in a clear bauble

Cute isn’t he? And after you’re finished with the ornament then of course the kids will enjoy playing with it. There are lots more figures within the range, and vehicles too. Check out the full range here on Amazon (Affiliate)



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