Christmas Gift Ideas for Carers

Some patients or their family members might feel like they should make some sort of Christmas gesture to their carer. For those who receive care at home from organisations such as ‘Extra Care At Home’, they can become friends with their carers as they spend a lot of time together and get to know one another. The carers are providing them with a lot of support and help with day-to-day tasks that they couldn’t manage without the carers help. Whatever the gift, the carers will appreciate the fact you’ve thought about them and will understand that most people have neither little time nor much money to spare at Christmas. Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation for the love and care they show to you or your family member. Don’t forget to check with the care agency on what they are allowed to receive; some have strict rules that the employee’s cannot receive certain gifts. For those who aren’t allowed gifts just pop a box of chocolates into their offices for all the staff to enjoy. For those who can, here are some gift ideas for carers to help you out.

Christmas gift ideas for a carer

Pamper Gift Sets

Carers love to pamper themselves after a long twelve hour shift caring for their patients. You can get gift sets that contain shampoos and conditioners, body washes and lotions, or even beauty products such as eye shadows and nail varnishes. What girl doesn’t love to give herself a bit of a make-over and some TLC every now and then? You can get sets of at all different prices and sizes spending on your budget.

Bake a Cake
If you have a great set of skills in the kitchen, why not make your carer a delicious cake or some little cupcakes for her to share with her family and friends? The cake could be as simple or complicated as you like. This one is perfect if you are on a budget as you can just use the ingredients you already have in your home to create something delicious.

Personal mug
If your carer is a lover for coffee, this ‘I’m a Carer’ mug could be the ideal gift. Carers are proud to do such a selfless job so to have it boldly stated on a mug is definitely something they would love to own. They could keep it at work, at home or even at their patients’ home. They’ll love using it every time they sit down to have a coffee with their patient.

Bouquet of flowers
A carer will love showing off to all her colleagues, friends and family members a beautiful bouquet of flowers. There is no better way to feel appreciated and know you are doing a good job than receiving a flowers no matter how extravagant they are.

A Christmas Card
Something as little as a Christmas card full of nice, appreciative words is a great gesture to give a carer at Christmas time. To know that their long hours and efforts are being appreciated, not only by the patient but by the patient’s family, is the best feeling to receive at Christmas time.

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