Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

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Beko‘s household helpers survey recently found that two thirds of Mums worry about creating the perfect Christmas for their family. I can well believe this as there is so much excitement in the run up to this one big day, that everyone wants to make sure it all goes perfectly! Especially if you are entertaining a lot of extended family over Christmas, the pressure to keep everyone happy and impressed can be a worry for some. 16% of the Mums surveyed said they do worry about comments from the in-laws!

Tips for a stress free Christmas

The main worries were:

  • Making sure the house is tidy is the number one concern when hosting Christmas lunch (28%)
  • 27% of mums are anxious about fitting the roast and all the trimmings in the oven
  • 23% are worried that their dining table isn’t big enough
  • A fifth (21%) worry about having a messy kitchen
  • 16% of mums say they are nervous about entertaining their in-laws

Beko asked their mums for some of their top tips to help everything go smoothly with the least stress possible, and have asked bloggers to share our own tips too. Here are Beko’s mums top tips for a stree free Christmas

  1.    You can never start cooking too early. Christmas puddings only get better with age and many dishes such as stuffing can also be prepared and frozen well in advance. Beko’s Multi-Zone technology allows for switching between refrigeration and freezing capabilities so you can cook and store dishes before the big day.
  2. Divide and conquer! Got a big crowd on Christmas day? Perfect! More people round the table means more hands to help. Write a list of responsibilities and get everyone involved – it will bring the family together and take a load off your shoulders.
  3. Get the appliances to do the hard work for you. Beko is here to help at Christmas with its fantastic range of super-smart appliances that will help save you both time and money, such as the six-litre dishwasher, which can clean thirteen place settings in one go and actually uses less water than washing up by hand.
  4. Get ahead of the crowd! While the shops are still empty, start to buy gifts for family and friends that you know they’ll love rather than leaving it until the last-minute Christmas Eve panic.
  5. And…relax! Remember it’s your holiday too and make sure you take time for yourself!

christmasdinnerMy top tips would be

  1. Make lists. Making lists always helps you to feel organised and makes sure that nothing vital gets forgotten or overlooked! There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a checklist with everything completed!
  2. Don’t feel bad about taking the easy route. If you can budget for a professional house clean in the run up to Christmas then why not? It will save you hours that you may need elsewhere. (Do get recommendations though if you don’t have a regular cleaner, as you wouldn’t want to be disappointed with the result!) There are also many restaurants open which you can book for Christmas meals, if cooking for a lot of people is really stressing you out it is an option you could consider?
  3. Remember what’s important and don’t let it bother you if something doesn’t go to plan. Having many guests in the house can cause a lot of extra work and sometimes chaos but the important thing is having all the family and loved ones together.

baublesI also asked some of my friends for their ideas too and here is some of the wisdom they had to share:

  1. Try to relax, any disasters will be future years’ happy memories – Pippa from Red Rose Mummy
  2. It’s not about how many presents you buy it is about spending quality time with family and friends – Tami from Mummy of Two
  3. Have a budget and stick to it to avoid stress in January – Angela from The Life of Spicers
  4. Remember that this should be a magical day for the children, they don’t want their Mum slaving away in the kitchen all day. A day for family and fun together. Even better if you have a bottle of fizz chilling in the fridge – Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to one

Do you have any extra tips to share, that we have forgotten? Please share with us in the comments! I hope everyone has a lovely and relaxed Christmas day!

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14 thoughts on “Tips for a Stress Free Christmas”

  1. I like to do one or more lists. As when some things are done and crossed off the list. You can see that you are getting organised. Rather than panicking. It is a day, and it should be who you spend it with that counts. That is what makes memories :- Quality time spent together.

  2. I would say share the load. Though be careful who you share it with, make sure they are reliable and have the time and health to support you. Whilst always remember to acknowledge and thank those who do help (whether the help was prearranged or spur of the moment:- on the day). All genuine help should be appreciated, after all it is a day of Celebration for everyone. Peace and Goodwill.

    Rachel Craig


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