Tiggly Math: Maths Manipulatives on the iPad

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My kids enjoy using technology as a fun way to learn. Like many children, if they have the option to learn something via the iPad, they would tend to choose that pretty often. Especially with maths, it can be really helpful to work in a hands on way, using manipulatives that you can touch and move around so I was interested to hear about Tiggly – a new product that combines physical manipulatives with iPad games (also compatible with android devices if that is the tablet you use in your home)

Using maths manipulatives on the ipad. How tiggly combines physical and digital learning for early math skills

Tiggly also have games focusing on literacy, but I have been trying the Tiggly counts pack with R (age 3).

Tiggly Math includes a set of five colorful counting Toys that interact with three parent- and educator-approved Tiggly learning apps. R enjoyed exploring the apps along with the counting toys, which are inspired by classic cuisenaire rods used in Montessori education.

IMG_9925The games and the idea of having things to touch and use along side the app engaged him really well, keeping his attention while he worked through each task.

When each of the counting toys from the Tiggly maths set is placed onto the tablet, it recognises the toy and reacts within the game prompting children to count, and complete simple maths activities while showing colourful animation, and songs.

Since the games include the numbers from 1-5 only, the maths is quite simple but this is a really nice way to solidify those early skills and to reinforce number work with young children (recommend for age 3+ )

In future I would like to see the games go further with higher numbers and more advanced maths concepts being included, since the concept does work really well. I could see this hands on approach helping children to grasp other concepts like fractions or division easily.

There’s also a Tiggly shape pack available which will help develop your child’s early maths skills too.

Tiggly Shapes

The three Tiggly apps for the counting toys are:

Tiggly Addventure: Tiggly sets off an adventure to deliver the most delicious apple in Tiggly Town to his beloved grandmother! Along the way, Tiggly will need you to use your counting toys to build bridges, ladders, and much more to help him overcome challenges on the land, under the sea, and even in outer space! Tiggly Addventure introduces you to number line concepts while helping you improve your number sense and counting skills. Count up, count down, count all, and count on!

Tiggly Cardtoons: A world of playful and surprising learning comes alive at the speed of imagina<on as you use your counting toys. Two pieces of cardboard become a juggling owl, or a hungry shark with a taste for apples, or a rumbling truck carrying… snakes?! Tiggly Cardtoons will help you learn basic math ideas such as one-to-one matching, counting, and equal sets.

Tiggly Chef: Emergency in the kitchen! Tiggly Town’s greatest Chef needs help, and only you and your counting toys can prepare his silly recipes. Think you can beat the Chef at his own game? Devise your own kooky culinary concoctions in one of Chef’s three kitchens! Along the way, Chef will help you learn numbers and early addition concepts, introduce you to math symbols, and encourage you to follow instructions and think flexibly.

The full Tiggly range of  Tiggly Shapes, Tiggly Math, and TIggly Words is launching the UK on July 24th on QVC, and is also available to buy via Amazon. Each set has an RRP of 24.99 

We were sent the product in order to review


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  1. I really do agree that technology can assist children’s learning (albeit in moderation). This is a great example of this!


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