The Process of creating your own video game

In the past, creating computer games required extensive programming knowledge, and even a relatively simple game took months of painstaking effort to complete. Today, however, some applications allow us to build complete games without writing a single line of code, without programming knowledge, and at no cost. In the guide, we will see the best platforms and applications for the free creation of computer games.


Game engines: applications for creating computer games

In the early years of video games, every game was made from scratch. At the same time, it wasn’t easy to use the code from one game to another, even in the same company. To facilitate the creation of computer games, so-called game engines gradually began to develop. These are complex applications that bring together, undertake, support, and coordinate all aspects of game development.

More specifically, they have separate processing categories for each part of the creation process. We will find tools for photorealistic imaging, simulation of natural systems, artificial intelligence, animation, sound processing, etc. The great advantage of game engines is that we can use them to create different games.

Does it cost to create computer games with a game engine?

Someone unfamiliar with creating games may assume that legally using a well-known game engine requires paying hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. In other words, whatever good ideas you have for creating computer games, if you do not have the initial capital, forget it! The good news is that this is by no means the case. In fact, some well-known game engines allow you to create games without paying anything at all.

With some licensed gaming machines, we can sell the games we create and keep all the profits. In others, if we commercialize a game, we have to pay a percentage as royalties. Creating AAA-class computer games, even with a ready-made machine, usually requires an entire team. Developers, graphic designers, designers, writers, and other experienced professionals work together for the end result.

It is no coincidence that the total cost of developing a game can be astronomical. For the biggest titles, it even exceeds the budget of a Hollywood movie. Some of the games even use actors from the Hollywood industry. And you will probably hardly be able to convince so many people to work for free for months.

Also, to this day there are creators who make popular games completely on their own. But that does not mean that you can not start learning about creating computer games on your own. You can get help from other potential partners, but try to reduce costs. For example, you can look for voice actors and narrators for the implementation of your project at a very reasonable price. You can check a variety of narrators at Voquent agency and pick them for your next video game project you’ve been working on.

Will you try creating your own computer games?

Creating computer games can be a fun hobby or an entire career. It’s definitely not for everyone, but anyone can try it to see if it suits them at no cost. Of course, it is worth emphasizing that some of the above applications that we have described are taught in schools and universities abroad. But everyone can experiment on their own, in the here and now.


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