The Perfect Island Getaway for Families… Far From the Canaries

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There is nothing quite as exciting as packing up the whole family for a well-earned holiday that affords everyone time away from the daily grind to spend quality time together and make some fun memories.

The problem is, many of your neighbours are probably gearing up to head off, too, which means that if you are going to any of the Canary Islands, then the chances are that you’ll be spending time in a place that feels just like home.

You don’t want that. However, an incredibly worthy alternative is also on your doorstep. Scent of Sicily Villas facilitates holiday rentals on the island of – you guessed it – Sicily, just off the coast of Italy.

Sicily is one of those places that are well known but remains something of a hidden gem. Maybe it’s because there are less English speaking natives around, compared to the Canaries, or that Italy and all its glamour gets all the attention. Regardless, where families are concerned, this should be a top priority come holiday time.

No matter if your family are young or in their early teens, or even if you are getting your now-adult “kids” to join you for a few days away, Sicily has plenty to offer.

First things first, unless there’s a dietary reason why you can’t indulge, the ice cream, or “gelato” as the locals call it, is to die for. Honestly, you’ll wonder what you’ve been eating all these summers once you get a taste for Sicilian ice cream, so make sure you set aside plenty of your budget for these treats because you and the whole family will find reasons to lap up another one whenever you can.

The weather in the Mediterranean is typically fantastic, particularly from Spring through to the early stages of Autumn. If you are interested in Villas in Sicily with Private Pool facilities, then you’re really going to get the value out of them.

Forget about public changing rooms, queues and trying to enjoy the pool without being splashed every two seconds. A villa with your own pool gives you the freedom to take a dip whenever you want.

One of the coolest natural features of Sicily is Mount Etna, an active volcano, the mere mention of which will likely set pulses racing and entice everyone out of the villa for a day trip.

Even though Sicily looks small on the map, it’s actually pretty big once you start driving. The good news is that there are ancient temples, basilicas, ruins and markers of the old world dotted all around, so you can even engage with history while you relax.

A family getaway should afford you the chance to focus your time and attention on those you love the most. Scent of Sicily Villas affords you the chance to live a life of comfort and luxury with the soothing Mediterranean breeze to wake you each morning, away from the hubbub of resorts and busy hotspots.

In Sicily, you and your family get to soak up a world that harks back to centuries of tradition while enjoying the very best of Italian food and produce and endless sunshine. All while exploring an island full of intrigue that’s just begging to be explored.

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