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Puzzles are one of my favourite activities for quiet time with children, so I had been looking forward to starting more puzzles with N now that she is getting bigger. At one and a half, she is coming out of the baby stage and definitely a proper toddler. Her concentration span is getting a bit longer, and it’s a great time to start trying some new activities.

We were sent the Gruffalo My First Puzzles from Ravensburger, and they are a lovely set of 9 two piece puzzles that are brilliant for this age group. They are a lovely introduction to pieced puzzles (as opposed to the wooden inset puzzles that N has already been using)

The pieces are thick cardboard, nice and chunky and all have lovely colourful illustrations that are very true to the Grufallo illustrations from the books.

Each puzzle also comes with a border around it, which is something I haven’t often seen in other 2 piece puzzle sets but it helps to give little ones a sense of where the pieces are going to fit in.

N enjoyed looking at all of the puzzles, pointing things out in the pictures, and starting to match up which pieces will go together.

There is a good variety in the puzzle images, with some in the snow, some in the woodland and so on. There is the Grufallo of course, but some of the puzzles have the Grufallo’s Child, and other popular characters like the little mouse, owl, snake and fox are all included.

Here are all nine completed puzzles…

The illustrations on each one are high quality as mentioned, and with lots of detail so lots to talk about with little toddlers who are developing their language. You can recognise bits from the Grufallo stories and relate it to the puzzle images, and having these familiar characters makes the puzzles instantly grab their attention if your little one is into the Grufallo stories.

This is a lovely set, and a really nice activity for some quiet one to one time with N. I would recommend it for any toddlers of around this age and upwards, as it’s something that you can come back to again and again.

You can see the Grufallo My First Puzzles set on the Ravensburger website here or buy from Amazon where it’s currently priced at 8.47 for the set (prices may vary)

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