Retro Sweets from The Gobstopper

There is something quite comforting about old fashioned sweets! When I was asked to pick three types of sweets to go into my jar from The Gobstopper it wasn’t an easy choice. They have a wide range of Retro Sweets and with so many of them I was thinking ooh I used to like that one when I was little, haven’t seen that one in a while, I had forgotten about those but now I really fancy one… and so on! In the end I settled for jelly beans (these are suitable for vegetarians), mini eggs and chocolate fudge as I felt these are all quite different from each other so gave a very good mix. retro sweets from the gobstopper
The Gobstopper is an online sweet shop where you can easily pick and mix (or click and mix 😉 ) and create jars for any occasion or just to treat yourself! My jar, shown above, is a medium jar which is a 0.5 litre original clip top glass Kilner jar which comes packed to the brim with your choice of 3 varieties of sweets. I love the presentation of this and it made the sweets feel like much more of a luxury than if they had just come in a packet from the supermarket. We have finished the sweets now but I am keeping the jar, as I’m sure it will come in quite handy in the kitchen.

The taste of the sweets was great and they were very much enjoyed by both me and the kids. I was really happy with the product overall and I will keep these in mind for the future for gifts or parties. It’s also worth noting that they do have a halal section and a vegetarian section on the site so you can easily see which sweets are suitable.

What sweets would you put in your jar? Let me know in the comments!

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