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Tooned 50 is a new cartoon from the makers of the Tooned cartoon. It has been released to celebrate 50 years of McLaren in Formula one. The cartoon is a lesson in the history of formula one, but in cartoon format and with plenty of humour. It features well known characters from the world of racing such as Jenson Button and Sergio Perez.

Much of the story is told in flashbacks as the modern day characters Professor M and The Old Mechanic argue to tell their version of history.

We found the Dvd quite different from other cartoon films, as it does have so much history to it. For any child who is interested in the history of Formula one they would definitely love it. My boys are interested in racing and cars, although they have never gone into this level of detail on Formula one, but they did enjoy it. Even if they don’t have much previous knowledge on McLaren young children will enjoy the racing scenes, cars and gadgets involved as well as the humour of some of the characters.

It is a Dvd which can be enjoyed by adults too particularly if they are into racing or would like to learn more. The Dvd run time is 66 minutes but the main feature plays for around 22 minutes and then there are extra special features:

  • The making of Tooned 50
  • The story of Oil
  • The Art of Tooned
  • Bruce McLaren – Courage
  • The Mechanic’s Story

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112 thoughts on “Advent Day 11 – Tooned 50 Dvds”

  1. Sorry I left the wrong question in! If anyone was wondering why is a totally unrelated Ben 10 Q in there!! That will be coming up for the Ben 10 prize towards the end of the month! But all your entries are still fine as it was my fault!!

  2. all of us! we all love watching it, even my 4 year old loves it and asks for it to be put on all the time ( he hasn’t figured out the seasonal thing yet)

  3. We all love it in our family, we live quite near to Silverstone so we were weaned on it … you are not a true racing fan until you have been frozen at Silverstone… as a child it was so cold I had frozen snot! Now my 4 year old is getting just as hooked!


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