The Calpol Bounce Back

No matter their age, from our tiny babies to our big kids, it’s horrible to see them under the weather. No matter how much we might grumble about their noise levels or mischief from day to day, we soon miss it when they’re not feeling at their best, and are lacking their usual boisterousness.

Although getting unwell is an inevitable part of childhood, it’s always sad to see our little ones lying on the sofa without any energy or appetite, not able to join in with their brothers or sisters games, and it’s even worse when being ill causes them to miss out on things they’ve been looking forward to like friend’s birthdays parties or school trips.


So, how do we know they’ve bounced back? Well, first of all by the tell-tale noise level increase! With three young boys, our house is usually full of their noisy chatter, the sounds of them running up and down the stairs, playing hide and seek or making up their own battles and games, so it’s really noticeable when they’re under the weather and everything is a bit too quiet!

I’m always grateful for the Calpol bounce back, taking them from this…


back to this…!


On the day those pictures were taken, R had been feeling unwell but as you can see he soon got his ‘bounce back’ and in the second picture he’s using the blanket as a Batman cape. He was soon running around and told us all “Call me Batman!” R is crazy about super heroes and loves dressing up and playing pretend, so once he was feeling a bit better he decided to use his blanket in this innovative way and make us all laugh!

It’s so nice to see the kids back to their full health and able to entertain us all with the cute and funny things they say.

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