The Book of Dragons

The Book of Dragons is a new release from Carlton Books, written by Stella Caldwell. This is a fantastic book to stimulate the imagination and allow children to get lost in the world of dragons.

R has always been interested in dragons from a very young age, so when I saw this book, I knew it would be something he would likely enjoy.

From the glittering peaks of frozen mountains to dripping caverns hidden deep underground, The Book of Dragons brings mighty and ancient dragons to life. Read exciting tales of legendary dragons, pore over detailed maps of mythical lands, explore a dragon’s treasure hoard and marvel at lavish collections of dragon teeth, talons, scales and eggs. This richly illustrated bookis a sumptuous treasury of a magical lost world and fulfils the desires of every young dragon enthusiast.

The book is full of detailed illustrations, with maps, dragon habitats, dragon skeletons, dragon’s fire and more. The illustration style is realistic and very intricate, making the pages really enjoyable to carefully study.

There’s also lots of information included, with the style of the book being more like an information or non fiction book rather than a story. It gives you background on all different types of dragons, and R found it very interesting. It really fired up his imagination and kept him engaged.

The age guide for the book is for around ages 8+. R has just turned 7 and enjoyed this book a lot, so I think it will suit dragon lovers of any age as long as they are a confident reader.

The Book of Dragons is beautifully put together, and is a real delight for any child (or adult!) who loves dragons and wants to delve further into their mystical world. 

The Book of Dragons | 9781783124008
Author: Stella Caldwell
Paperback | £8.99 | Published: September 2018 |
Age: 8+

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