The Best Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Baby

Bringing new life into the world is one of the most profound experiences you can share with someone – and raising a new family one of the most rewarding.

The number of families in the UK is on the rise, too, with more of us seeking to partake in the holistic joy that comes in raising a child or children.

If you have a baby on the way, you may be deeply excited – but you will also need to use some of that excitement to get your home ready. What should you do to prepare your house for a new life?

The Kitchen

One of the first things you should look to doing is child-proofing – and the kitchen is one of the most important places to start in this regard.

Your kitchen is full of hazards, from toxic chemicals under the sink to sharp objects in draws or out on the counter top.

Baby-gates can prevent any accidental wandering into an active kitchen, while baby-proof drawer locks can stop your child inquisitively looking in dangerous places.

Additional Storage

Storage will quickly become a commodity after bringing your new child home; between all the new equipment, supplies and toys, having space to conveniently store items will become of paramount importance – at least, if you want to keep your house neat, tidy and safe.

In this regard, installing a fitted wardrobe can be an incredibly useful way to generate additional storage space – wherever it may be in your home. 

This may seem like something of an odd choice, but fitted wardrobes are excellent for utilising space in your home that might be too awkward for furniture placement, or have otherwise gone unused.

The ample space at the bottom is perfect for toy crates, or for keeping the boxes for items you might want to sell on as your child grows.

The shelves at the top can be used for resources like nappies, formula and sheets for their crib – keeping your other drawers free for your own toiletries.

The Nursery

If you have a room spare in your home, you should devote some time to converting it to a child-friendly space ahead of time.

Creating a nursery room can be an invaluable way to contain elements of early parenthood to one space; toys can be kept and played with in this room alone, ensuring the kitchen floor and other livings spaces remain free of slip hazards.

The nursery can also play host to important tasks like changing and feeding, enabling you to keep the rest of your house the relaxing haven you deserve it to be.

Feeding Station

Speaking of feeding, containing feeding to one area can often be more limiting than helpful.

If you or your partner are breastfeeding your child, you may want to have more than one place you can do so comfortably.

Setting up spaces in the nursery, living room and your bedroom can cover all bases; ensure each station is stocked with tissue paper, feeding equipment like nipple shields, and water and snacks for you to relax and re-hydrate with.

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